Short Cute Imagine

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You are in highschool and your graduating this year..til you past the big test to show if you study or not.

Your trying to study when your popstar boyfriend,Justin Bieber and yes the Justin Bieber was distracting you from your studies.

"BABE"Justin says walking in the bedroom you two shared.

"Justin Im trying to study.What is it?"

"Hi"He says giggling and running out.You furrowed your eyebrows but went back to studying.

*After 2 hours of studying*

"Babe..are you done?You've been studying for hours and-"He stopped as he walked in to see you sleeping softly.

He chuckled softly and picked you up and you wrap your arms around his neck.

He carefully laid you down and you pulled him down with you.

As you two laid together,You,Sleep and Justin slowly falling asleep…

You did pass that test the next day.


Sucky,I know but Volià

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