It Was A Night..

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Today was absolutely the best because, I get to spend time with Pattie and Fredo. I had packed every thing I need for a whole day of fun.As I finished Justin came up from behind me pulling my waist from behind close to him.

"Hey.." I said while Justin kissed the crook of my neck which made me moan alittle at his touch of his soft lips on my neck. "Hey, babe are you ready to go umm.. because I am definitely not." He said looking at me with a wide grin. "Yes,babe and I will miss you too." I said pulling away from his grasp and squeezing his bum. As I left to put my bag in the back seat of his car.Justin then followed and drove me to Fredo's place.

I got down from the car and pecked Louis on the lips goodbye and went inside Fredo's flat. "HEYY! Y/N! Come in come in." Fredo said motioning me inside her flat which to see, a bunch of action movies, popcorn, and Pattie sitting in the living room. Before we watched a film we kicked off this time by playing truth or dare. "Fredo truth or dare?" I ask then he replied with "Dare." "I dare you to prank call Scooter." So Fredo put him on speaker and said this. "Hey I thought I told you I wanted my money by sun down..." continued but, Fredo didn't buy it and knew it was Fredo pretending to be a man from chicago.After that whole game we sat down and watched Twilight. Fredo and I kinda made fun of the movie from time to time.

I was going to the guest room to change into some pjs when....

Justin startled me when he came through the window. "Babe what are you doing here?!" I whispered "I cant stay away from you I need you now. Because when I saw that naughty pic of you on my phone I had to come to give you some payback." Justin said with lust in his eyes pushing me to the bed taking his and my clothes hastily. Then kissing me passionately he the placed love bites all over me. Teasing me and skipping the area I need him most."Justin, don't be a tease.." I moan the he says this. "Beg for it." He says sending vibrations on my wet pussy. "I want fucking Justin Bieber to fuck my wet tight pussy." I moan the he quickly starts to flick his tongue over my clit the adding his whole 5 fingers in me. Which was so fucking amazing that I moaned uncontrollably. "FUCK UGH... " I say moaning loud cumming all over his mouth and fingers.

"Now don't you want my cock in your little pussy?" Justin said teasing me with his tip. "Oooo.." I moan the he quickly shoves himself in mye without letting me adjust. His thrust are so fast that my moans were no longer silent they were so loud that the neighbors could hear. "Fuck Justin ughh„ Fuck OH YESS YESS AWH.. JUSTIN!!!" I moan and with that I cum all over his cock which made him grunt and cumm in me. "Man you should honestly be more rougher in bed lou, because that was amazing." I said then he agreed then we cleaned up and Justin left out where he came from. I went downstairs to a mocking Fredo and Pattie. "Oh Justin oh.." Fredo says then Pattie adds " He's quite the sex animal isn't he?" She said winking at me and I blushed trying to maintain my cool and sex hair.

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