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"Truth or dare (Y/N)", Ryan asks girly, I giggle and reply, "Truth" 
The boys all groan. 
"Hey!" I yell annoyed. 
"Is it true you have a thing for Justin?" Ryan asks. 
I look over at Justin, his focus turned to me. I blush, and look away. "Why yes it is", I answer. Chaz groans in disgusts. "When is the party gonna get started?" Chaz asks, his hand resting inside his palm. 
"Once Fredo brings back the drinks", Ryan answer. I rub Chaz 's back, and feel his body less tense. Fredo kicks the door open, boxes of alcohol in his hands. "Whooo!" He yells. 
All the boys get up to help him the the alcohol, and sit them down on the table. 
Fredo's nearly done with his bottle.

He chugs down the last bit and says, 
"I got an Idea" I was still sitting down on the floor, drinking my alcohol slowly. He sits down in front of me, and sits his bottle down in the middle of us. He spins it it the right, and it lands on me. 
I giggle and say, "I'm the only girl in here" 
"That's why Justin is inviting some of his girl friends", Jaden informs me. 
My smile disappears. I was angry, bit I didn't really know why. I brought the bottle up to my lips, and chugged half of it down. Minutes passed waiting for Justin's girl friends. They finally arrived. The all were wearing the same strapless dress. One was a brunnete, wearing a strapless golden dress, that looked like she was ready to take off, heels that looked looked like she couldn't even walk in. 
The boys all cheered, and ran over to them. I looked down at my half empty bottle. I got up, and lazily walked over to the table, and took the entire box into the bathroom. I felt so left out. I knew the boys for so long, but they wanted to ditch me for some slutty chicks. 
My emotions were drained by the alcohol in my system. A kick on the door startled me. 
"Who's there?" I ask, alcohol filled in my mouth. 
"It's me, Chaz" 
"Okay, so what", I snap. 
I hear the door knob twist. But it was no use it was locked. I got up, and opened it. Chaz falls in onto the floor. 
"Ha Ha, Ha ha", I say plainly, even though I wanted to laugh. 
"What the hell are you doing in here?", he ask sitting up. 
"What the hell.. are they doing in there?" I question. 
"You don't even wanna know" I smile, and chuckle. 
I always had a secret thing for Chaz, that know one else knew about. And since I was drunk, he wouldn't know If I was serious or not.

I leaned in, and softly pressed my lips against his, waiting for his reaction. His lips moved against mine, as his hands pulled me down on top of him, so I was straddling him. I grinded onto him, as his hands cupped my breasts, squeezing them. My hands ran through his curly hair, tugging at them, earning a moan from him. It felt so right at the time, but so wrong. I knew I was gonna regret it by morning. Chaz hands traveled down to the hems of my shirt, tugging it. I broke the kiss, and allowed him to pull of my shirt. I went back in for the kiss, as my hands snuck up his shirt, exploring his torso. Chaz broke the kiss, and eagerly took of his shirt. His lips crashed into mine, my head titling back a little. My hands travel down to his member, unbuckling his belt, and button, sticking my hands inside his pants. I rubbed him from his boxers, his moans vibrating against my mouth. Chaz pulls away, his orbs looking at something behind me.

I turn around as I get off Chaz. A very confused Justin, stands at the door. "What the fuck?!" 
"What?" The girl behind Justin asks. She peeks from behind him, and laughs. I grab my shirt and stand up. I put back on my shirt, as Chaz does the same. As I walk pass, I purposely bump my shoulder into the annoying girl. 
"I think I'm gonna call it a night", I say 
"Well goodnight", Chaz says pecking me on the lips. I nodded my head and head to bed. Not regretting one thing about what happened tonight.

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