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This chicka said that I was so damn cool and she's addicted to my imagines so I'm giving her a imagine(:

Jelly Justin(Jealous Justin)

Justin sees you talking to your ex, harry. Harry Styles that is. Harry starts flirting with you, but you ignore it, feeling well aware of your feelings towards your boyfriend. Knowing your boyfriend was watching the conversation. Finally when you end the conversation, you walk over to your boyfriend, who has a furious look on his face. "What's wrong Justin?" You asked innocently, walking over to your boyfriend. "Nothing" justin said through gritted teeth, but you knew exactly what was wrong. He was jealous. "Wow" you said with a humorous chuckle. "What? What do you think this is funny" Justin screamed in your face. "We're leaving." Justin mumbled, while dragging you out the club. He threw you in the car and slammed the door in your face. Once he slammed his own door shut, it was your turn to say something.
Are you fucking serious, right now!" You screamed in his face. " why are you being like this?!" 
"Are you kidding me, (y/n)?

I saw the way harry was talking to you! He had a fucking boner for god sakes!" Justin reasoned. "He-he -h." Justin sighed, looking up to you with watery eyes. "He still loves you." Justin whispered looking down at his hands. "Hey. Hey, look at me. Look at me." You said sweetly. You took Justin's cheek In the palm of your hand,caressing it lightly. "I don't know what harry feels for me, but I do know that whatever he does feel for me, I don't feel for him." You smiled at him. "I just don't want you to leave me." He muttered sadly. you chuckled humorously. "Are you kidding me? You couldn't get rid of me, even if you tried!" You laughed, showing that beautiful smile Justin adored so much. " I love you Justin , and I love you because we're what-? 
"Perfect for each other." Justin answered and nodded in astonishment.
He reached in a cupped your chin, then sweetly pecked your lips.
"Your amazing you know that?" He questioned as a tear streamed down his face."
You kissed his cheek. "Yeahhhh, yeah I am, huh?" You giggle. This made Justin laugh.

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