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Dirty 😉😏

Okay, so you're about to go to the store to buy some Beef Jerky but you can't seem to find your dime that you just had in your hands not too long ago.

"Babe, did you see my dime I had?" you ask.

"No, it's a dime. It's too small to see."

"Oh. Well, can you spare me a dime."

"Yeah, I can. I can spare you something better though." He smirked at you.

"And what is that?" You asked him already knowing what the answer is.

He got up and walked over to you, pulling you closer to him by your waist. "This dick."

"What dick?" you laughed joking.

"The one that's about to have you screaming for days." He said. His voiced got all serious and sexy. He walked up to you making no space between you guys. Before you could get a word out, he kissed your lips hard. "Mmmm," you moaned in his mouth.

He picked you up and carried you to your bedroom dresser. He rubbed your V through your pants and then began to slowly take off your shorts. "I see you're wearing my favorite pair of underwear." He looked up at you. "To bad I'm bout to fuck them up." With that, he ripped them off.

"Dammit Justin!" you yelled but moaned because it kinda turned you on more.

"You know you like it rough." He said and stuck two fingers in you hard. He wiggled them in and out of you making you moan louder.

"Ohh Justin, I want you now." You said unbuckling his belt.

"Damn, I see somebody's horny." He pulled his pants down a little and began to pull them back up. "Oh, I forgot, you gotta go to the store. Oops."

"Justin stop playing!" You pulled his pants back down and saw his dick pointing back at you. You licked your lips, preparing yourself for what's about to come.

He picked you up and carried you to the bed, laying you down. He put the tip of his dick in you and circled it around your clit. "Oh my God, baby stop teasing." You begged. He pushed a little more in and pulled back out. And then repeated it. "Justin! Stooop! You're making me mad!" You complained. He smiled at you and then without no doubt he pushed all of him in you, making you arch your back.

He pinned you down to the bed leaving you nothing to hold on to. "I hope you're ready." He started first going in slow, grinding in and out of you. "Ohhh Justin. Deeper." You said barely above a whisper.

He pushed in harder and started stroking faster. You grabbed his spot -- behind his neck, digging your nails in his skin. "Fuck!" he moaned. You knew that that he liked it when you do that.

"FASTER! HARDER! DEEPER!" you screamed out in pleasure.

He did as he was told making you tilt your head farther back. You guys did this for 15 minutes. "Switch positions," he said.

He flipped over-- now with you on top. You slid on his dick slowly while tightening up your walls. He grabbed the covers and tilted his head a little. "Uhh," he gritted his teeth. He grabbed your waist. You rode for about 10 minutes and hopped off.

Before you guys could finish you hear a knock on the door. "Honey? It's me." Your mom called.

"Dammit!" You and Justin said together. Your mom always interrupted things like this. You guys begin to smooth out the bed sheets and covers and get dressed. Before you open the door, Justin whispered "I guess we'll have to finish this later." He smirked sexually at you.

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