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Your POV

"I can't fucking believe you!" Justin roared through the house, making you sob even more.

"Justin, P-please." You pleaded.

"Please what?" Justin scoffed. "You aborted our baby Y/n!" Justin sat on the couch, head in his hands.

"Get out."

"N-No. Justin, Please!"

"I said get the fuck out!"

"Please, just listen to me!" You screamed back.

"What? Tell me why you aborted our baby. My baby. You should have at least told me!"

"Your baby? Justin it was my baby too! Didn't you think how i must've felt? When i was aborting my own baby! I was torn. But i had no other choice! I'm only eighteen and you're nineteen! We're not ready for a baby! I'm not ready to be pregnant!" I said all in one breathe, tears rolling down my cheeks.

Justin sighed. "I-Im sorry." he said barely in a whisper.

"No, i'm sorry." I shook my head, and walked up to him and pulled him in a passionate kiss.

"We'll have little Biebers when we're married." Justin said puling away.

"Of course we will." You chucked, smiling at the thought.


ITS 2:38 and I watched alot of Javannah videos(YouTube)one video stood to me and I loved it,they are so cute and I wish I had a relationship like that but as Justin said.

"I wish I could date each Belieber but there only one me"

I'm secretly dating Beau brooks cause Jai cheated on me with Ari...

Anyways,I love Paranormal Activity by the Janoskians on YouTube.

Favorite but them being gay and balls and sexual activity going on..


Anyways request....


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