Your Period..

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Another groan escapes your lips and you clutch your stomach as if to stop the pain. You're lying in bed, wrapped up in your covers. As an attempt to soothe the pain, you rock slightly back and forth. Nothing helps and you let out a helpless wail again. After doing this, you inwardly scold yourself for sounding like a sick whale.

You hear a chuckle from the door and whip your head around to glare at the person - already knowing too well who it belonged to. You're met with Justin's very amused face and you send him a cold stare, letting him know that he was on his way towards deep water. He doesn't react the way you want him to though and only laughs once more.

"Are you okay, babe?" He asks, trying not to laugh again.

"No." You whine, burying your face more into the pillow, "I'm on my period and it hurts to bad a-and.. I-" You cut yourself off with a sob and hide under the comfort of the covers.

You feel the bed sink down at the weight of Justin and only clutch the covers tighter to you. Slowly, he snatches the covers from you and wraps you up into his arms. "Shh, babe. Don't cry. I'm not mad or making fun of you and you shouldn't be unhappy. Does it hurt?" You nod lightly, sniffling into Justin's green v-neck.

"I'm sorry, baby. You know I'd take the pain for you if I could. I'll be right back, okay?" He presses a gentle kiss to your temple before disappearing out the door. While waiting, you close your eyes to try to forget about the cramping pain for at least a minute. You grunt when nothing helps and decide to helplessly wait for Justin to come join you again.

He enters so quietly that you barely hear him come back. He plops down beside you with a tub of ice cream, Midol and your favorite movie in his arms. He hands you the tub of ice cream and a soon which you happily take from him. You follow him with your gaze as he gets up again to put the movie into the player. With the glass of water on your bedside table, you swallow the pills that will hopefully soothe your pain.

As the movie begins, Justin places his hands on your stomach and rubs it softly with just the slightest amount of pressure. A sigh of pure relief escapes your lips as he does and you can tell without looking that he's smiling.

You smile, too, when you realized just how lucky you really are. Justin is the most caring, honest, generous and romantic boyfriend you could have asked for. He was the perfect boyfriend. And he was yours; only yours and no one else's.

"I love you, Jay." You whisper softly, dozing off on his chest with the tub of ice cream in your lap and him still rubbing your lower abdomen.

"I love you, too, [Y/N]. Go to sleep now, okay? I'll be here when you wake up." He promises and you know that he means it.

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