Short Imagine..

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Imagine what the fans,friends,family and even haters!

Pattie:She is perfect for him.She makes him happy and she is like my daughter and I love her and she's totally better than Selena.

Brandon(Your bro):He is so sweet and romantic towards Y/n.But he better treat her right or Im gonna break his face in pieces.

Scooter:He enjoys her,She's like a girl version of Justin.She's outgoing and loves pranks and she has gotten better sincr being on tour with us.I like her.

Alfredo:Y/n....Y/n is like my little sister.She even knows spanish so We talk in spanish to drive Justin insane and I love her.She's beautiful.

@ILuv(Y/S/N):Y/n is beautiful and I love her and she is my role model.She is better than Selena and I totally ship them

@IHate(Y/t/n):I hope that bitch dies in hell and Justin burns her crusty ass just using him for fame and money.

But fuck the hater right?(:

Request Lovies(:

-Morgannn |[•]_[•]|

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