As Long As You Love Me

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You were sitting on the couch watching TV when you heard a knock at the door. You sat your latte down on the end table and quickly ran to the door. "Who is it?" you asked before looking in the peep hole. As a surprise to you it was Kenny. "Hi Kenny, what's up?" you asked as you rubbed the wrinkles out of your skirt. "Justin just wanted to check up on you..." he said as he walked into the house. "Well I'm fine..." you said as you closed the door. "So out of all the houses you and Justin have you decided to pick this one!?!" Kenny said laughing. It was true, you and Justin had more than 4 houses in the U.S, two in L.A, and in Miami Florida. And Justin even had three out of the state. One in Stratford, Ontario, Canada (Which was his home town), One in Ashiya, Japan, and one in Brazil. But you decided to pick Justin's first house; which was located in L.A in "holmby hills" and if you were from L.A or even California you know that area was for the big boys, only billionaires could live there, (That's where the real playboy mansion is, and also the The Neverland Ranch "Michael Jackson's old house" ) but you didn't care about that. You just loved the fact that it held a lot of memories there; from the parties, to romantic moments, and even the moments where you and Justin would cry together. "haha yeah..... it's our original baby!" you said laughing. "why do you and Justin refer to your houses as babys?" Kenny said laughing. "I don't's just our thing..." you said as you stared at the latest picture you and Justin took. "Well, Biebs said he'd be back soon...." Kenny said as he started to check around the house. "Yeah? I wish he was back now..." you said as you walked into the lounge. "looks like everything is fine, i'll be back next week." Kenny said as he started to walk out the door. "Wait....why aren't YOU with Justin? You've been his body guard since he's been 15...." you said as you crossed your arms. "He said that you're important to him...and he wants to make sure that you're safe. and he trusts that I'll do the best job of watching over you." Kenny said he he turned back to going out the door. "Well I'm a grown women I don't Ne-" Once Kenny opened the door Justin was standing in the doorway looking serious."Now what were you saying." Justin said smiling as he walked into the door.You wrapped your arms around him, the scent of him gave your stomach butterflies. You kissed his cheek and stared up at him. "I'm so happy you're back to me in one piece.." you said hugging him tighter. "I'm happy to be back..." he said kissing your forehead. "Well I'll be going now..." Kenny said as he walked out the door. Justin looked into your eyes "I missed you SO much!" he said as he picked you up. "Put me down boy! But I really missed you to.....I was getting lonely..." you said as you bit your bottom lip. "I would've facetimed you... but I was never alone. Someone was always with me." He said as he put you back down. "That's okay, I'm not mad." you said as you held his hand. You and Justin both walked around the house for hours holding hands and talking, the both of you usually did this whenever Justin would leave out of the country. After the talk you and Justin went to the theater. "what you wanna watch?" Justin asked as he went to the back to pick out a movie. "Doesn't matter babe...." you yelled out as you went to go grab a blanket. By the time you came back Justin was sitting on one of the love seats waiting on you. "I'm backkkk" you said laughing as you plumed down next to him with the blanket. Once you sat down next to him he started to stare at you. "What!?!?" You said laughing. He started to get closer to you...still having a serious stare. Soon yours turned serious to.

"You're so beautiful..." He said softly as he got even closer to you. "You are to...." you said as you stared into his eyes. He softly touched your cheek as he leaned in to kiss you.His lips were so soft and sweet against yours. He was so smooth and sensual.

After the kiss you and Justin stared at each other for minutes until he finally spoke "Wanna hang outside?" he asked as he slowly got off the top of you. "Y-yea, I would love to..." you managed to say as you got of the couch along with Justin. He slowly took your hand and guided you to the balcony, it over looked the pool, showing the skyline of Downtown Los Angeles. He put his arms around your waist and rested his head on your shoulders. "it's so pretty..." you said as you looked out over the horizon. "Just like you..." Justin said as he kissed your cheek again. "So Mr.Famous, name all of those buildings!" you said laughing. "Well uh.... that one over there is the..... the...well I don't know alllll of that!" Justin said laughing.

"Hmmm, so you DON'T know everything about Hollywood." you said laughing as you pushed Justin off of you. "Wanna know one thing I do know?" Justin said as he stared at you. "What nowww?" you said smiling. "You're the most beautiful girl in the WHOLEEEE wide world! Justin said he picked you up and put you around his shoulders. "You're a silly boy!" you said laughing as he spent you around in his arms.

Justin gently put you down and looked deep into your eyes. "but one thing you should know is....I'll ALWAYS.... be YOUR silly boy........"

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