First Kiss

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You and Justin were dating for a month and y'all haven't shared your FIRST KISS

You were home alone when Justin called you and said that he wanted you to come to the studio.You drove over to the studio where he was singing BAAB and he saw you and smiled and they finished the song.

"That's a wrap.Break time"Scooter said and Justin told you to come in the sound booth.

"Hey babe"He said hugging you.

You stare at his lips then his eyes.

You two lean in and your lips match and he smiled in the kiss.

Your kiss:It was passionate and soft and sweet.The taste of your cheery Chapstick on his lips was amazing

Then he licked your bottom lip and you let him in and his tongue entered your mouth.Then his hands met your legs and he picked you up and grabbed your butt.

Then when the kiss ended,You two were fighting trying to bit each other bottom lip.

Then he kissed you again.

"AGHHHHHH"Fredo said in the microphone.

You stopped kissing.

"You ruined the moment dude"Justin said.

Fredo smiled and you stayed in the room on a stool listening to Justin's beautiful voice.

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