For Jasminelols

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It's about 4:30 and you are usually off the phone with Justin by 3:00 now but tonight you're not.

Justin: what you doing?
You:Watching TV.
Justin: oh i wanna come to your house.
You:come over then.. my mother is sleep ,you good..
Justin:Wether you or your mother liked it or not i was gonna come over anyway come open the door.
You: Well damn..
You tippy toe down the stairs so that you won't wake your mother.You open the door slowly and you pull him in the house and close the door quickly.
Justin:*whispers* go upstairs!

You*whispers* ok come on!
You grab his arm and runs up the stairs and you quickly throw him into your room.
Justin:you trynna break my damn arms off tf?!
You:*locking the door* well do you wanna get caught by my mother and get cussed out? i'ont think so.
Justin:I rather get cussed out then my arms being broke off.
You: i'm gonna get in the bed and finish watching TV.. okay?
Justin: I wanna get in too..
You get into the bed and pats the bed signaling him to come sit next to you.He threw his jacket off and took his shoes off and got on the bed and started cuddling with you.You watched a movie and after that you and him fell sleep for about literally 3 minutes.

You woke him up before he could get into a deep sleep.He turned off the lights and pulled the covers over top of y'all.You knew he was up to something because he is such a after he pulled the covers over he got on top of you and he started to kiss you.You turned your head leftso he started to kiss the right side of your neck.He took off all of your clothes but he left your bra on.He made a trail from you neck to your thighs. You stop him.
You: my mom is here you know?
Justin: i know imma try not to make you scream as loud...

You:well your dick is not small so good luck with that..
He ignored you and he continued his trail down to your thighs. He kissed you everywhere but your pussy , he was teasing you. You put your legs in the air so that he wouldn't be able to kiss your thighs anymore and all he has is your pussy to kiss. He held your legs up and stuck his tongue right into your pussy.You moaned his name as your eyes rolled to the back of your head.He took his tongue out and started to flick his tongue at your clit.He messages your clit with his tongue and he suffocated your pussy with his big lips and all you could feel was his tongue on your clit. He started to do some tricks. He gently bit your clit and left it there throbbing. You got up and turned the lights on and you unzipped his pants and his little friend was there waiting for you.

You started to suck on it. He grabbed your head and pushed it forward causing his dick to go deeper in your throat. You started to gag so he took it out and he grabbed your ankles and slid you down the bed and he put his big dick into your throbbing pussy. It hurt so bad because of the way he ate you out a few minutes ago. You did moan loudly but he put his finger on your lips which meant shut up. You moved his finger and got louder . You moaned his name under your breath. He layed on the bed and he sat you on top of him and you started to ride his dick slowly and you were worn out and out of breath so you couldn't ride him as well so he helped you. He grabbed your waist and moved you up and down on his dick. You got off of him and layed there breathlessly and worn out.

He went down on you again. He gave you a big hickie on your neck and licked your pussy one good time and he came on your stomach and on your titties. You were too layed down on to even bother to get it off of you so he wiped it off of you and gave you a big kiss. He layed with with you and watched you until you fell asleep. When you fell asleep he looked through your drawers and put some different under wear on you because the other one's we're super wet and he put his clothes on. He opened the door quietly and tippy toed downstairs and left out.

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