Christmas Eve.

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I know it isn't Christmas but I liked my idea and it just popped in my head!


You sat in your room, bored and a little sad. Everyone was out somewhere, and your parents didn't let you spend Christmas with Justin. You looked at the clock. 11:00pm. Guess it's time to go to bed, you thought. You took your shirt off and looked around in your drawer for a new one. Suddenly, a pair of hands covered your eyes.
"Guess who?" A familiar voice said.
You turned around and covered yourself,"Justin! What're you doing here?"
"I missed my girlfriend and I wanted to spend Christmas with her," He said, placing his hands around your waist and pulling you close.
He gave you a romantic kiss and you melted into his embrace. He picked you up and threw you onto the bed. He crawled onto of you and took off his shirt and whispered in your ear,"Be my date this Christmas Eve."

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