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You and Justin were sitting at home bored out if your minds when you realized he will be leaving for tour soon..


"Yes Liz?"

"Can we cuddle!?"You said.

He came over and bent down his face in front of you.

"Why?"He said.

He knew you wanted too and he was teasing you!

"Because you have tour and I'm just home alone and bored because your not here and I don't have no cuddle buddle and -"He cuts you off with a kiss.

"You talk too much babe"He said smiling

He sits down on the couch and you moved into his lap.He strokes your hair and you kiss his cheek.

He leans in and whispers in your ear.

"Since I have tour soon,I think I should see your body one last time,you think"He said.

What you didn't realize is you were all over Jerry and Jerry was tryna get out.


You smile and you two go upstairs.

You ripped his clothes off,He ripped yours and y'all were both naked..

Then he kisses your neck,down to your breasts sucking on each one and making you moan.

Then he comes back up.

"I wanna hear you moan Liz"

You bit your lip as Justin went down and ate you out cleanly.

You moaned louder.


Then you grab Jerry and start blowing Jerry.Bobbing your head up and down and going fast made Justin twitch in your mouth and moan.

He flipped you over and stuck the tip in.

You moan and he sticks all of it in and then

He goes faster pumping in and out of you making you claw his back and scream his name.


He did as you told him and you went crazy,Each thrusts made you moan,scream or lay there and breathe heavily.

Then he slowed down and laid beside you.

"I'm gonna remember this on tour."He said smiling.

"I love you Justin"

"I love you too Lizzie"

Then you two got changed and went downstairs and cuddled.

And when Justin left,you couldn't walk for 2 weeks and you were fine to know what your hot boyfriend did before he left.


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