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Hiya I'm Cecilia!Ive been with Justin for three years now.He purpose to me on March 2,2014(just act like its 2014 today) and we now a child.


You were 9 months due and you were due tomorrow And justin took you today so he won't have to rush.

Y'all stayed there all night.

It's 11:56 pm and your baby is coming.

You scream and Justin gets up and runs to the doctors and they come running in.

They put tubes on your arms and the clip on your finger.

Justin grabbed your hand.

"Cecilia,You can do it baby."Justin said.

The doctors gave him the doctor suit and he came back holding your hand.

"Push,Push,Push"The doctor said.

You screamed in pain.

Justin wipes your forehead with a wet cloth and you squeeze his hand tight.

You hear a wail and you push some more.

Then you let the baby out and laid back down.Justin wiped your head and then kissed you.

"Our first kid."He said smiling.

They clean the baby up and handed to you.

"Hey baby girl."You said kissing your daughter's forehead and handing her to Justin.

He was so cute was her.Then you went to sleep.

-Hours later-

You woke up in a wheelchair.

The family came by.

Your family,Justin's family,even Jeremy and Jaz and jax and scooter,Lil twist,mama,Alfredo and even Kenny was there and the doctors called yours and Justin name.

You gave the baby to your mom and you and Justin went in the office for the birth certificate.

Then y'all went home as a wonderful famil.


Sorry Cecilia if it sucked or wasn't what you wanted....but there

Request Lil mofos

-Mother Mofo🎀

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