Off To College

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You were going off to college tomorrow but you were dating the JUSTIN DREW BIEBER!!

But it was gonna be hard since your college was miles away from him and he knew it was hard for you

So he decided to take you out today since you two had to go.Him on tour and you at college.
He took you the nail salon,the mall,everywhere you wanted to go and couldn't and he did it all for you.
Then it was 11:00 p.m.He took you home but he didn't leave,he stayed and cuddled in bed with you that whole night.

You woke up to a empty bed and a note on the other pillow.
"Hey babe,went out to get you breakfast,I know your leaving at 1 so I'm taking you out again til you leave,I'm gonna miss you babe and its gonna be so hard to not see you for awhile.Then he wrote a poem with it.

The heart of dreams inside us, begins to mold,
Brought on by flights of fancy within our waiting souls.
It doesn't cost us to dare to dream, it makes life so much better;
It is built slowly between us, word by word, letter by letter.
Strike a word, add a word, and let our budding dreams take flight.
Let us stack the build blocks to form our coming life.
Would it be that we can be, all we've talked between two?
To take the very first step, a home for me and you.

True love can sometime's bring a feeling so astounding
Being without love, feels as if our heart's are drowning
Into waters of sorrows where heartache is seen in tears
The heart relies most on love even through all it's fears
The insight of love's sacrifice seems so tenderly serene
But in sight, love is more exhilarating then it may seem
True love is the hope in which our gentle heart believes
Until it says to us a final goodbye and so sadly it leaves
Does it leave for good, does the heart ever comprehend
The feelings of discouraged resentment when it all ends
Bounded by the walls of despair my heartache provides
Love's sacrifice has buried me within an emotional tide
The regrets I resented and the wrong choices I've made
Has brought this heart within a withered confused haze
The heart cascades into unimaginable thoughts intently
Misunderstanding love when I should have loved gently"

You smiled at the cute love letter and got showered and dress and Justin came through the door as soon you went downstairs.
You two ate breakfast and then left before you had to leave.
You two went everywhere.The movies and lunch before you left.

Then you had to go home..
You saw the U-Haul truck in the driveway and the men grabbing your stuff and out in the back of the truck.
You grabbed justin's hand as you walked into your parents house and to your almost empty room.
Justin standing beside you holding your hand and then you started to cry and Justin saw it and hugged you but you cried into his chest.
"Everything is gonna be alright."He sung softly into your ear.
You look up at him with tearful eyes.
He took that time and kissed you.

One hand on your cheek while the other on your butt.
You gripped you butt to make you gasp and you did which he thinks sounds sexy,especially during sex..
He smirked and kissed down your jawline and your neck.
"I'm gonna miss the sex...but mostly you"He whispered in your ear.
Then you teased him and rubbed his Jerry..
"Slow down.."You smirked.
He moaned but stopped and kissed you one more time and took you outside.

Your dad in the car driving you to college.
You hugged Everybody bye and you and Justin shared your last kiss and hug and you got into the car..
You watched justin til you couldn't see him in sight.
You watched as he comforted your mother and hugged her as she cried til she couldn't cry no more..

But at least...your off to college..

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