Say My Name.

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You and Justin just got in a argument and he went upstairs pissed.

Justin POV

Im so pissed!Y/n yells at me for being home late and smelling like a girl.

My bad that the company made another perfume for my fans and it stuck to my clothing.

I went upstairs and I decided to watch the sex tapes me and Y/n made.

The sight of seeing her squirt from her pink pussy made me hard.

I grabbed Jerry and started to pump him slowly.

I closed my eyes and let my hand do the work while I slightly moan.


I went upstairs to apologize to Justin when I heard soft moans and I opened the door to see Justin stroking Jerry.You turn to his his eyes closed but on TV was a sex tape of you and him so you got kinda turned on and took Jerry in your mouth.

Justin opened his eyes and then started to moan softly and You bobbed your head up and down.

You jump on the bed and then Justin grabs your head and  thrusts his hips in your mouth making you gag.

"That would Tell you not to yell at me."Justin said.

We were about to have angry sex today.

You gagged and came up and his lips reached up to yours hungrily and he flipped us over and ripped Your clothes with his teeth.

You moaned as he attacks you with love bites and then he moved down to your boobs and then he pulled his boxers off and put Jerry between your boobs.

Then he moved down to your pussy sticking three fingers in and shoving them in your hole hard.His furious fingers going in and out your hole.


Then he went to the dresser and pulled out lube,condoms and a huge dildo.You swallowed hard,thinking about what he might do with the dildo.

Then he picked a condom,looked at it and threw it on the ground.Then he stuck the dildo in your ass and he thrusted in your pussy.The movement of the huge dildo in your ass made you have all sorta of pleasure and then he shoved the dildo in your tight wet pussy and he shoved his Jerry in your mouth.

His Jerry going in and out your Jerry while he shoved the dildo in your pussy(69) and then His tongue flicked in your pussy making you moan while Justin was in your mouth and then he cummed.Then he licked you out,nibbling and sucking your pussy and then you cummed and he licked you clean and then he thrusted in you again making you scream and then he moved up and and started sucking in your nipples and then he gave you hickies all over and then he shoved all of him in you.

"JUSTIN DREW BIEBER,GIVE THAT FAT JUICY COCK NOW"You yelled at him knowing he was gonna get mad and then he shoved himself in you hard.Making you gasp cause he hit all of your g spots.

"DONT...YELL..AT....ME"He said shoving himself In you and then you moaned loudly and he thrusted in you a few more times and you got on too and rode him and he held your hips with one hand and playing with your boobs with the other and then he shoots it in your ass.

You thought the dildo hurt but Justin was bigger and he shoved it in you fast while still playing with your bouncing boobs and then he got you and you flipped over and Justin started pumping Jerry and he cummed all over your boobs and mouth and you licked it up clean.

Then he laid beside you...

"Don't ever yell at me again."He said wrapping a arm around your tired body.

You nodded and he kissed you with sweet passion.

"I love you Justin."You said

"I love you too Y/n"He  said and you two fell asleep..


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