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Where did those feelings go that I had earlier, those feelings of wanting Justin right then? I was excited but I was scared, it was my first time & I didn't want to make a fool out of myself. Justin & I had gotten pretty far around the bases but hadn't quite made it to home plate yet. I knew I wanted it to be with him but it still scared me. We had just arrived at the hotel that I rent this morning because I wanted to make sure that we wouldn't be interrupted. I pulled down my skirt & smoothed my hair as I got out of the car, things had gotten kind of crazy in the car on the way over & Justin was having a hard time hiding his hard he had on. I started laughing as I watched him try & adjust his pants to hide it better. "Babe just leave it we will be up in the room in a few minutes I don't think people will notice." Oh they definitely would notice, you could clearly tell he was turned on but I was ready to get inside.

We had barely made it in the room & shut the door before Justin had his hands up my shirt. I didn't mind his hands felt amazing on my skin; He kissed me with the utmost passion & slowly removed my shirt over my head. I wrapped my arms around his neck still continuing to tangle our tongues together; he broke away & looked me in the eyes & said, "Jump." So that's what I did, I jumped & wrapped my legs around his waist as he kissed my stomach lightly. My arms still around his neck I arched my back & thru my head back & moaned softly. We made it to the best & he gently set me down, He wrestled with my button on my skirt & eventually got my skirt off. I had wore my favorite bra & underwear, black lace with small pink bows. Justin Stopped & took in my body, "You're gorgeous Y/n." I blushed & reached for his pants, I was about to yank them down when he stopped me & pulled out his phone scrolled thru something & put on some soft sweet music. Awe he was trying to be romantic, I looked at him, "I love you." " I love you more baby." & he kissed me hard pushing my back against the pillow. I hardly noticed that the song was ending but then I heard it, the familiar beat then the lyrics, "its your birthday so I know you want to ride out." I couldn't help it I busted up laughing & so did Justin. "Did you plan this to play?" I asked while laughing. "No I swear I didn't." He could hardly answer he was laughing so hard. This was THE song, even his fans made fun of him for it he always use to sing it & now if it was his birthday or even my birthday this year we got thousands of messages on twitter saying Birthday sex.

We had calmed down a bit from the hilarious moment & Justin stood up from the bed went over & started the song over, what I was in for next took me by surprise. He started dancing, yes dancing slowly taking off his pants, there I was sitting at the head of the bed in my bra & underwear covering my face with my hands but peaking thru my fingers trying so hard not to laugh. He got his pants off & started taking off his boxers, he started doing a circle motion with his hips, "Oh god Justin please stop, & just come over here." I blurted out. He stopped & looked at me & literally fell to the floor laughing so hard. He finally got himself together & turned off the music & came over to me, "I'm sorry babe I couldn't help myself." "No I loved it but I need you touching me now." I was unbelievably turned on now & I wanted him now more than ever. Justin got the message & grabbed the back of my neck & kissed me...hard.

*Justin's POV*

Her skin felt amazing on mine & I never wanted to put any space between us again. I had just completely made a fool out of myself in front of her by dancing to Birthday Sex & even after that she still wanted me. How could I get a girl this great? My hands explored the curves of her back & I found my way to her bra clasp & I quickly undid it with one hand. I slowly came up putting my hands on either side of her body & watched her take of he bra slowly while biting her lip. Damn this girl was going to be the death of me. I lowered myself & kissed her chest, she moaned softly & tangled her fingers in my hair. My hand slowly traced down her stomach eventually searching for the right spot, I knew I found it when she sucked in a deep breath & arched her back. I knew she was tight so I slowly entered 2 fingers to get her started. I continued going in & out while leaning over & kissing her deeply. She moaned in between kisses once in a while saying my name.

I couldn't take it any longer & needed to get inside her. I lowered my lips to her ear, "are you ready?" "Slow" she nodded. I very gently & slowly started to enter her, my god she was tight. I & just started entering & she grabbed the blankets to her side & she made a sound like she was in pain so I stopped, he eyes opened, "What are you doing? Don't stop!" "I thought you were in pain." "JUSTIN!" I continued again slowly at first until I had entered all the way & I began going in & our getting faster & faster. With every thrust her boobs slightly bounced, that turned me on more & I got faster & faster. She grabbed my face & brought it down to her & she kissed me & told me, "Harder." Fuck I was almost there I was going to cum, already though we had only just started I tried to stop but I couldn't, I came & collapsed on top of Y/n.

*Your POV*

He had just begun to enter when I felt a sharp pain, I grabbed the blankets & let out a breath, it hurt but only for a second. But he stopped, "what are you doing? Don't stop" He couldn't stop now or it might hurt again. He said something about me being in pain, "JUSTIN" he finally continued getting faster & faster, I reached up & grabbed his face bringing his lips to mine, "Harder" I said over & over. I felt it, the sudden tremble in his body he was going to cum. But I wasn't there yet I needed more. He collapsed on top of me saying, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry." Over & over again. I told him just finger me & get me off. & That exactly what he did. "FUCK!" I was almost there he went faster & faster, I screamed louder than I should have, "Justin!" The tremble in my body feeling from head to toe It was almost here. "Justin kiss me." He came up & kissed me tracing his tongue along my lower lip without breaking from his rhythm. & Then it happened, my body buckled & I tightened around his fingers. "Baby" I sighed.

The sun was shining thru the window hitting me right in the eye, I blinked a couple times & then all the memories of last night filled my head. & All I could think about was how much more in love I was with him from last night. I slowly started tracing circles on his chest when his hand started stroking my hair; I looked up at him, "Good morning beautiful." "Good morning good looking." "You okay?" he asked, "Yea I'm fine, sore but fine." I smiled, " Guess they said you would be after your first time." "They?" I asked confused, "Yeah Scooter, Kenny & Usher." I sat up on my elbow, "You told them we were going to do this?" I wasn't really upset but it probably came off that way. "No baby no, I just asked them what it would be like, it was a long time ago & they just told me everything & even how the girl feels after & stuff." "Oh alright." I said settling back down on his chest. "But I'm pretty sure that Scooter & Kenny know exactly what we did tonight." He chuckled. "Yea probably." I said, oh god that was going to be embarrassing to have to see them. "What time is your flight back to NY?" he asked, " its at 4:30" "Alright what do you want to do until them?" "Nothing, absolutely nothing but lay in bed with you." "Perfect." He said kissing the top of my head.

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