Birthday Sex

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Birthday Sex

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Justin and I laughed as we sat on my couch, cups of shots clutched in our hands. Today was his birthday, and after a large party down at one of the guys' houses, he'd come here for some ... alone time.
"Okay, this time, you're gonna take the shot, suck the lime, and then-," I swiped the salt from off the small glass's rim and dabbed it onto my skin-,"and lick the salt off my neck in ten seconds."
We'd been involved in a shot game we'd seen off of a television show and had presumed it interesting on the different ways we'd swallow the inebriating beverage.
"A'ight," Justin agreed and grabbed the short cup. He quickly downed the drink and then clutched the lime. He pressed the sour fruit to his lips and sucked out its watery contents. And finally, he grinned with a cocked eyebrow when he glanced at me.

Lacing his fingers across the back of my neck, he brought me close. His warm breath tingled on my skin as his tongue brushed away the small particles of sodium.
"I said under ten seconds, Babe," I reminded of the deal when his mouth lingered on my skin. "I guess I lost then," he shrugged and gripped my hip with his left hand.
I chuckled and shook my head, but allowed him full advantage to my skin. I exhaled a sigh of pleasurable bliss as his skilled tongue and lips sported an alluring technique. With his lips still connected to my neck, he lied me down onto the couch. I could already feel his friend through my jeans, and I pondered concisely if he'd been waiting for this moment all day.
"Look at you, lookin' all sexy in them jeans. Too bad I'ma have to take'em off," Justin concluded with his bottom lip clinched between his teeth, his fingers finding my pants' button. He undid them, and before long, all of our clothes had disappeared from our bodies.
"Someone's eager," I determined, eyeing his erected friend with risen eyebrows. "What? He needs his birthday present, too," Justin informed with the look of seduction that turned me on.
He teased my center with his tip, but he knew I wasn't up for any games. I wanted his as much as he wanted mine. I guided his manhood inside of me, and was immediately filled with ecstasy as he pumped inside of me. He didn't start off slow like he normally did, but rather thrusted into me with a speed I didn't even know he owned.

"Oh my God, yes ... yes!" I screeched when he hit my g-spot, and then hit it many times after that. I was hoarse by the time two o'clock in the morning hit. We grinded with a passion and he kissed me, comparing the taste of my lips to the sweet flavor of Hershey's.
Just when he assumed I'd been drained of all my energy for the night, I pushed him back and straddled him. I leaned down and whispered in his ear, "Tell me how you want it, baby. After all, it is your birthday."

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