For Nessa

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"Come on, where is it?" You asked yourself as you looked for your house keys at your dad's office. You were at home trying to get to church and your dad, the pastor, was at the church already so you wanted to be there already, too, like right now already. You flipped through the files, drawers, but didn't find them.

"Man, fuck this shit!" You yelled in frustration.

"Oooo wee, cursing in the pastor's house. How disrepectful and un-preacher's daughter like."

You turned around and saw Justin, the new junior deacon, looking at you leaning on the door. He was staying with you guys for a while. "Oh, *laughs* Lord please forgive me."

"Yeah, but my name is Justin."

"Yeah, I know. Nice to me you though." You smiled as you realized how sexy he looked today. He had on some nerd glasses, white V-neck and Beanie, and khaki slacks with some black church shoes. For the sake of God, you forced yourself to get all of your nasty thoughts out of your mind.

"See something you like?" He asked licking his lips, looking at you up an down.

"Not unless some pickles are here." You sad forcing yourself to laugh trying to shake some of the tension that he brought. "You like what you see?" You said biting your lips.

"Yeah, A LOT." He said moving closer to you until he got to the point whereas you could feel his breath go down your neck, sending chills down your vagina. You felt as his hands lowered down your body. You pushed him off of you.

"Oh look at the time! Time for me to gooo!" You tried to leave but trip and fell on Justin's foot, your skirt going up a little.

Justin quickly began to help you up, making sure to gently caress your hand. You looked up at his eyes, full of lust. He helped you up until you could manage holding yourself up. His hands were soft, and it was the first time that you noticed that his lips were sexy. You felt your heart rate increase as your knees got a little weak.

"What?" he asked rubbing your chin with his thumb.

"Nothing, I just never realized how sexy, I mean good-looking, you are." You blushed.

"Oh really? Only if you knew that I could get sexier." Before you could ask what he meant he smashed his lips into yours, causing you to shriek in shock. You instantly kissed him back, you were kind of nervous of your father bursting in so your heart was really beating fast and you felt as if you were about to collapse any minute and your lips were slick shaking. "Baby, just relax." Justin said as he lifted you up and sat you on the desk, placing himself in between your legs.

In all honesty, you were trying to relax but you were a virgin which made you scared of what could happen in the next few minutes. Somewhere in the mist of your thoughts, you felt his boner against the fabric of your panties. You began to get wet and shifted yourself. "If you don't want to do anything just tell me to stop." You nodded as he began unbuttoning your white shirt and kissing you on the neck.

He finally got your shirt off, throwing it on the floor. He started kissing you again, this time his hands taking aim at your bra, uhooking it. He licked his lips as he started nibbling on your breast. You squeezed you mouth shut to keep from moaning because you didn't know how you would sound and it'll be a turn-off if you sounded ugly.

Your eyes rolled to the back of your head as you felt the tip of his tongue swirl around your nibbles. You grabbed his head and ran your fingers through his hair, biting your lips. His boner, tongue, your hormones, and your wetness were too much for you and you got incredibly horny. You could give two fucks about your father walking in now.

"Papi, just put it in already." You said, a little annoyed it seemed.