He Can't Do What!?

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You and your boyfriend,Justin were gonna go to the county tennis court and he didnt wanna go...

"Babe,its just tennis."You said.

"I dont wanna be embarssed."He lied."Of What?"You asked him.

"I dont wanna wear short shorts"He said pouting his lip out.

You kiss his pouting lip.

"You dont have to wear short shorts just wear gym shorts babe"You told him.

You two changed,grabbed the gear and headed down to the tennis court.You warm up and he does too and then you throw the ball up and hit it and Justin moved out the way.

"Why didnt you hit it babe?"You asked him.

He walked to the net and told you to come here.

"I cant play tennis"He whispered in your ear.You kissed him and spoke.

"Dont worry babe,I will take it easy"You said.

"You dont in bed though"He.mumbled.You smile and whispet in his ear,"We will see tonight wont we?"






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