Rants & Ideas

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Hey My Beautiful Monsters,

Don't ask why I said it..I just felt like it.
Anyways,So lets talk about stuff on twitter.

1.)Jariana Drama😁

So Who heard about Jariana.?
So Justin and Ariana posted a Selfie and everybody loves it.
>>But Jai unfollowed Justin on Instagram,Jai unfollowed Ariana & she unfollowed him back,Selena unfollowed Ariana & Jai followed Selena<<

Like what the fuck?I was confused!
So what I think is,This is what I thinking..
Selena saw the pic of Jariana selfie,and got jealous because She wanted Justin to Come And Get It and Justin said SOON so she unfollowed Ariana.
Then Jai unfollowed Justin because he was jealous.So Jai unfollowed Ariana because he was upset and since Jai thought of revenge and followed Selena,thinking that Justin will be upset but Justin has been happier than ever

2.)Jaitlin 🎀

I support them so much and she is real and I love her.
She wanted Justin to live his dream.
But when Jaitlin and crew got together to hang,it was so so cute..

I support Jaitlin better than Jelena,Come on Jelena lovers,judge me..


So my friend thought that Alfredo Flores was getting married..


1.)No he isn't because we getting married Aug.16,2016
2.)It was his cousin's wedding.
3.)Besides,Im surprised his muscles it that suit I mean hot damn have you seen him?

I mean he's mine..I don't fucking share..Id share Justin but not Fredo! I will cut a motherchucker


4.) Justin turns 20...😔😭😥

I can't even say..My tears are just real.. I Justin made a new sea..

Pacific Bieber

5.)James cheated on Veronica..

If you don't know the handsome James Yammouni,You are bad..

But I heard James cheated on Veronica Bravo.If its true,I'm upset cause they were cute but
If its not then people STFU!

6.) Idea #1

I wanna make a Y/n love story.
It's called Kiss And Tell.
But I need a plot,Inbox me babes for plot ideas and I will pick one..

7.) Idea #2

I thought of a badass story about this girl who lost her parents an need seen them and then she fell in love with a guy who also lost HIS parents but what she doesn't know is that the guy is her brother...

But I need a title...I want you to give me Title ideas..inbox me

Anyways...REQUEST...IM BORED...that's why I haven't been posting cause I was out of ideas but I will think of some..

So Comment.Inbox me.Vote.Follow.Request.


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