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Here you go!(:


Hiya!Im Abby,I'm 17 and I have brown hair and blue eyes!My boyfriend is Justin and he is the best boyfriend ever!Even in the bed(;


You and Justin were home alone and you too decided you wanted to fuck!

He carried you upstairs and in the bedroom.

You ripped his shirt off and he kissed you.

Not breaking the kiss,he literally,rips your shirt in half and in clips your bra,Moving his lips to your neck and kissing your sweet spots.You moan in pleasure and you flipped him over.

You kissed his neck,moving down and kissed his nipples,then his abs and down to his v line.You unbuckled his pants and then you took off his boxers,showing his big 10.3 dick.Then he trades places and moves down and rips your lace panties off and spread your legs.

He moved head closer and stuck his whole tongue in your pussy,making you scream.

"Say my name Abby"He said in your pussy which vibrated your walls.

"JUSTTINNNNN"you moaned loudly and gripped his head to go deeper.

He slapped your thighs.

"That's not my name"He said making you moan.

"DADDDYYYY"you screamed loudly.

Then you took his big dick into your mouth.

You gagged a little and then you took all of him in.He twitched inside and cummed all in your mouth and then you swallowed it all fast.

Then you got you doggy style.

While doing this,he rubbed your pussy making you scream.

"I need to get a condom"He said.

"No.I wanna make real love"You said.

He threw them on the floor.

"Beg for it babe"


Then he went in your pussy.

You scream as he thrusts faster and faster!

"Oh shit Abby,your so fucking tight."He said.

You moaning in pleasure as he goes faster.

He raises a leg to his head and goes deeper hit your g spot.

Then you bounced on his dick.He laid down as you rode him and stared at your breasts bouncing up and down.

Then he shoved his dick again and your walls tighten around his dick.

"I-I-Im g-g-gonna c-c-c-cum"You said

He got out and you cummed in his mouth as he licked you up again.


I bet this made your morning you horny Beliebers but I love you all!



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