Ive Could Have Been Killed

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You have been hanging out with the boys today, and decided to go somewhere to eat. The boys decided to eat at a diner, which you agree on, but when you got there you got in a fight with Justin. Throughout the day, Justin has been driving you crazy, and he just made you crack at the restaurant when he squirted ketchup on you. You were frustrated at his actions, and decided to stand up and leave. The boys try to get you to stay, and reluctantly agree for their sake. Although you stayed, you did not say a word to Justin. After eating, the boys and you decide to head to Ryan's apartment. In the car ride, once again Justin has bothered you.
You couldn't take it anymore and scream, "Stop the car Ryan!"
Ryan willingly stops, and turns around and looks at you. He says, "Justin what are you doing to her?"
Justin says, "I'm doing nothing! She's just overreacting!"
You get angry at him and open the door. You start walking down the street and ignore the boy's yell from the car. Then you hear the car start and the car is slowly driving next to you. Alfredo rolls down the window and says, "(y/n), get in the car. Come on, you know Justin is just doing it to get on your nerves."
You ignore him and keep on walking, but you don't notice a motorcycle driving uncontrollably behind you. It wasn't going to fast or to slow, but hit you. You black out, and hear faint screaming in the background.
"OH MY GOSH!" Ryan screams.
"Shit!" Jaden says.
The boys rush out of the car, and run over to your body. Fredo, like the "dad" he is, pulls out his cell phone and calls an ambulance.
"Damn it Justin! Look what you did!" Ryan screams at him, "You just had to act like an ass didn't you?"
"I didn't mean to!" He says, "If she had never flirted with that guy at the ice cream parlor then it wouldn't have happened!"
"Ugh!" Fredo yells, "Really Justin? You were acting like that because you were jealous? Just...ugh!" He was lost for words. While the boys were yelling at each other, Jaden went to your body to see if you had a pulse.
"Well," Jaden says, "She's alive that's for sure. Thank God that she is, but seriously Justin you better make it up to her. You almost got her killed."
Ryan then says, "Yeah, you better do something special because she is going to hurt you when she wakes up."
A couple minutes later an ambulance shows up and takes your body to the hospital. The person who was driving the motorcycle was not hurt, and they drove off after they hit you. Thankfully, Ryan remembered the license plate, and gave it to the police officer. You wake up later and find yourself in a hospital. The memories flushed through your mind, and you suddenly feel a sharp pain in your left leg, and your head started to throb. You see the door open, and the lads entered the room. They were relieved to find you awake, but you suddenly notice that Justin wasn't there.
"Hey babe you okay?" Jaden asks.
"Well health wise yeah," You say, "but my body hurts so much."
"I'm sorry this happened," Ryan says, while setting a teddy bear on your bed.
"Well you know," You begin with a smile, "shit happens."
They laugh, and then they gave you their get well cards and presents.
"Wait," you suddenly ask, "Where the hell is Justin?"
"He's out there," Ryan says, "he wants to talk to you privately."
"Now why would I want to talk to him?" You ask angrily.
"Let him explain (y/n)," Ryan says.
"Fine whatever, he gets 5 minutes," You reply.
The boys said there farewells and gave you a kiss on the head. They exited out the room, and Ryan took some of your hospital food. You smile at Ryan but then your smile faded when Justin entered the room.
"Hi," he said shyly with a small smile.
You just look at him without any emotion and a couple seconds later you say, "You have 5 minutes to explain till I kick your ass out of this room."
He looks at you and says, "Look (y/n), I'm sorry. I didn't mean to get you hurt at all, honest. So basically, I was acting like an ass because um...umm.. when we were at the ice cream parlor, um..well..um.. I got jealous when you were talking to that man. And I know...it's stupid, but I uh thought that we had something going."
You look at him and say, "I thought we had something special too. You were acting like a huge ass Justin Bieber. What if I got killed huh? What would you have done?"
He looks at you with tears in his eyes and says, "I know what I did was wrong. I like you a lot. I didn't mean to get you hurt. Looking at you right now is making me hate myself, since I was the reason you got hurt. I just want your forgiveness. Please forgive me. To make it up to you I got you these." He went out of the room and brought in a shoe box. He opened it and gave you every little thing that you adored. There were also pictures of you and him, and you with the boys.
Your eyes started to get watery, and you say to him, "Well Justin Bieber, it's gonna take me awhile for me to fully forgive you and to like you again, but I do partially forgive you."
He smiles at you and gives you a hug. When you were out of the hospital,Justin helped you recover. You start to forgive him and develop those feelings you had for him. The two of you start dating.

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