Jason McCann part two

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"Checking this pretty little lady out" The guy answered. Jason was so mad, even I was scared! Which NEVER happens often.

"Excuse me?!" Jason yelled. The guy looked at Jason.

"You heard me! She's better off without you." He said. I was getting mad now. Jason repeatedly started punching the guy. He looked in his 30's. Gross. Jason started cussing at him and threatning him. He would say stuff like, "DON'T YOU EVER TOUCH HER! YOU HEAR ME!" And the guy had replied 'yes' as fast as lightning. I watched in shock and aw, as he kept punching the guy. A traffic police caught the scene and called for back-up. About 3 guards came, it took 1 hour to get Jason off of the guy. As soon as they stopped Jason, he walked over and hugged me tightly, whispering how he'll never leave me.


You're probably wondering 'Wow, you two are perfect for each other!' Which I don't mind you saying. Say it anytime, I won't hurt you. I looked at Jason who just got out of his trance. He looked at me and smiled. He pecked me on the lips and turned the TV on. I had accidently fell asleep when Paranormal Activity 3 came on. We've watched it legit 20 times.


I woke up and saw Jason still watching TV. I began to feel bad.

"Jason, you coulda woken me up! I woulda stayed awake while you slept" I said. We dropped out of school, so I'm not really good at talking or math and those other class things you learn about.

"I wanted my babygirl to get her rest." He said. I rolled my eyes, smiling.

"Tomorrow, i'm letting ya sleep" I said, not letting him protest. I got up and walked to the kitchen getting 2 waterbottles. I walked back to the main room, and sat on the couch tossing him one.

"Thanks babe" He said opening one. I nodded and opened mine, taking a sip. The front door banged. I sat up shocked. How could I not hear footsteps.

"Open up McCann and Marvinoic!" Our fathers. I groaned and got up. They call us by last names because they're obviously idiots. Me and Jason walked over to the front door. I looked at Jason. He put his index Finger up go his lips signaling me to be quiet. I nodded. "If you both don't open this door, we'll call the cops!" My dad yelled. Tears started prickling my eyes. You see, i'm deathly afraid of police officers, they are my weakness. Jason knew about this. He pulled me into hug. I burried my head into his chest to contain my sobs, so they wouldn't hear us. "Hello Stokes? I found them!" I heard Jasons dad say. My breathing stopped. Please tell me he's playing with us! "Yea, their car is here!" His dad added. I looked at Jason. He looked at me worried. A couple of minutes later, I heard a car coming. Oh gosh no.

"No, no, no, no" I whispered, holding Jason tighter.

"Shh, it'll be ok." He whispered quietly. I nodded. I got an idea. I told Jason and he quickly agreed. We walked upstairs and opened the bedroom window. I jumped out followed by Jason. We hopped in his car. The police just arrived. As soon as Jason turned the car on, all eyes were on us.

"Go, go, go" I said.

"I know" Jason said, quickly pulling out and speeding. The sirens turned on as I started getting scared. I heard a gunshot come our way.

"They just fired a shot!" I almost yelled.

"Duck!" He told me. I was about to duck when the bullet came. Stinging. Thats all I could feel. Pain. "Iva! You ok?! Please tell me you're ok!" Jason said in the verge of tears.

"They got my arm." I said, slowly looking at my arm. I gasped. It was all bloody. I took a towel in the back van and put pressure on it. I learned this incase me or Jason got hurt. Looks like it was a good time to use my technique. Jason started cursing under his breath. He took a sharp turn. Our van went into a little cornfield. We stopped as the sirens went past us. I sighed. He put the car park and looked at me.

"Lemme see" He said. I slowly pulled the towel off and lifted my sleeve. A deep whole cut through my arm.

"Dang it" I said, not even crying. Jason put the towel back on.

"Don't leave me! Stay concious!" He said faster than I've ever heard him talk.

"I'm the one who got shot and not even breaking a tear. I promise i'll stay." I said smiling. He chuckled.

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