Jazmine Visits

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You and Justin had to baby sit Jazmine because Jaxon went with Jeremy.

"Hi Y/nnnnnnn"Jazmine said running up to you and hugging your legs.

You picked her up and she kissed your cheeks and then you gave her to Justin and he took her out of your hands and smothered her with hugs and kisses and all you could hear was her laughing and sayin "Stop it Justin,your soo silly"And you laughed at her.

Then he took her to her room upstairs in his house and he came back down and he picked you up,Sat down and put your so where your facing him.

You kiss and nibble on his soft spot with makes him smile and tickle you.

"S-S-Stop t-tickling m-m-me"You said and he stares into your eyes.He leans in closer til someone screams.

You look to see Alfredo carrying Jazmine in his arms and she started laughing and you couldn't help but smile.

"Hey guys-Oh we will go back upstairs.Jaz,Wanna play princess?"She nodded her head and then he swooped her back up and you two started talking about your future.

"I wanna a daughter just like Jaz"He said.

He smiled and then he smothered you with kisses and hugs and you smothered him with kisses and then he lays on top of you and kisses you again and then he stopped and y'all went to check on Jazmine.

You two went upstairs and you said Alfredo and Jazmine sleeping together in her bed.His arm wrapped her body while she had a hand on his arm and they looked adorable together.

You took a pic and you twitted it.

Then you kissed Jazmine and Alfredo's foreheads and Justin kissed Jazmine's forehead and you two went downstairs.

"What you wanna do now?"You said.

He smiled and started to take off his jacket and then he stopped and said.

"But you gotta be quiet,The babies are sleeping"He said kissing your sweet spot

And you two had freaky lusty sex on the couch..(;



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