Niall Ft:Justin Bieber

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You were on the set of the Kids Choice Awards, and literally you couldn't believe it! Tonight, you were going to be your boyfriend, Niall Horan's, date to the Kid Choice Awards! One Direction was practicing now, singing 'Kiss You' while they jump around on stage with tons of nerves and enthusiasm, you watch from one of the front row seats giving Niall a thumbs up whenever he needs reassurance on how he's doing. You see out of the corner of your eye someone sitting directly beside you...who might this person be? Justin Bieber of course...your celebrity crush before One Direction was even created, "I'm Justin." He tells you simply flashing you a flirty smile, "I know..." You trail off giving him a 'of course I know you' look, "Your friends-they're uh, pretty good." He states rubbing his bottom lip with his pointer finger as he looks them over, "The blonde one? He's your boyfriend right?" You nod your head in reply as you watch in awe at your boyfriend's solo, soon the solo ends and Niall looks over at you for reassurance but instead sees you with Justin, "Don't you need to be getting prepped Bieber?" He asks when the song wasn't even over, stopping it short, the music makes a weird noise as it turns off awkwardly, "I do what I want Horan!" Justin argues scoffing, "Yeah...except openly flirt with my girlfriend." He snaps. You stand up walking to the edge of the tall stage ignoring Justin and gesture for Niall to come closer to you, he lays on his stomach in front of you so you can reach each other better, "Niall-what are you doing?" You ask biting your lip ever-so softly, Niall shrugs as if showing his jealous side was no big deal, "I just don't want to lose you y/n." You smile getting on your tip toes to connect lips with him, "You're never going to lose me...especially to someone like him...I promise." You reassure him against his lips before he kisses you passionately.

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