You have a "Water Problem"

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"Bieber Plumbing, Justin here. How can I help you?" a man's voice rang out through the earpiece of the phone.

"Hi, I need someone out here to come fix my sink. There's something clogged in the garbage disposal and I can't get it out."

"I see. I can get out there in about fifteen minutes. What's your address, ma'am?"

"114 Wanderlust Ave.," I told him.

"Oh, we're just down the street. See you soon, ma'am."

I went around my apartment picking up anything that didn't belong and making sure I didn't look like a huge slob. I threw my hair into a ponytail and changed out of my sweatpants and T-shirt. I went with a cropped top, blue jeans and a pair of converse.

Knock. Knock.

I hurried over to the front door and opened it. The man that stood before me didn't look very old, and was quite handsome, actually. His sandy brown hair and dark eyes were just mesmerizing. "Hi, I'm Justin. I'm here to fix your garbage disposal."

"I'm Y/n. Thank you for coming," I smiled, reaching out and shaking his hand. I led him to the kitchen.

"It's kind of my job," he laughed. He had a gorgeous smile.

He went to work on the sink, shining a flashlight down the chute and loosening things with his wrench. I watched as he worked, fascinated by the muscles that bulged through his tight gray V-neck. After about half an hour, he had fixed the garbage disposal and was getting ready to leave. I grabbed my wallet and was getting ready to pay him when I noticed he was staring at my chest. "You like?" I said seductively, smiling up at him.

"I-I, uh, n-n-no, m-ma'a-am," he stuttered, panic in his eyes.

"Stop calling me 'ma'am'. Do I look like your grandmother to you?" I cocked my head. "It's okay, Justin. Really."

I took a step forward, tossing my shirt over my head, revealing my purple push-up bra. "Because I find you hot as hell," I pawed at the hem of his t-shirt, cutting off his protest with my lips. A bulge had begun to form in his pants, which I happily massaged through the thin fabric of his jeans as we kissed. He took his shirt off, revealing a six pack. He picked me up and placed me on the granite island. I unclasped my bra, throwing it to the side.

He lightly knead my breasts and bit my sensitive nipples. I moaned softly, biting down on my lip. He unbuttoned my jeans and slid them down, revealing the thong that matched my bra. Moving the thin fabric to side, he knelt down and pressed his tongue to my wet pussy. His hot breath made my clit throb. He used his thumb to press circles into my clit while fucking my hole with his tongue.

Moans escaped my mouth. I closed my eyes and groped my tits as he continued to work my pussy. God, it felt so good. Without warning, Justin dropped his pants and boxers and thrust his length into me. I gasped, half shocked at how big his dick was, and half shocked about how quick he thrust into me.

I rested my hands on his shoulders, and my fingernails dug into him. I couldn't stop the moans coming from my mouth, and I soon felt my walls closing around him. My toes curled as I released and came all over him. "I-I'm gonna com-me, too!" he cried, pulling out of me quickly. I jumped off the counter and knelt on the ground, just in time for him to blow his load in my mouth. I swallowed his sticky juice in one gulp. I smiled up at him.

"Thanks for, uh, putting your snake in my drain, Justin," I winked.

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