More Than Friends..

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You and Justin are best friends but your both in love with each other but neither of you know. You rush to Justin's house when you get home from school. "Hey wha..." You collapse into his chest bawling your eyes out. "What's wrong sweety?" You don't talk you just bury your face into his chest and he holds you

Not letting go. He sits you down on his bed and hugs you and when you are finally ready you start explaining. "The girls at school started another rumor that I was a slut lesbian because I haven't had a boyfriend in so long."

Justin just looks at you with pain and regret In his eyes. "Listen you know your not a slut and you just waiting for the right guy.. but there's something you need to know..." "But Justin cant it wait this is serio..." before you can finish Justin pulls you in close and kisses you " I Love You." You bite you lip and look down at your hands. You never thought Justin loved you like that. You look up at him he soft caramel brown eyes and smile." I Love You More." You push him down on the bed and sit on top of his kissing him. You feel him start to harden slowly through his sweatpants you pull away and smile he blushes with embarresment. You move your body up and down against his length he slightly moans still red with embaressment. "mmm babe dont stop it feels so good" You giggle and sit him up pulling his shirt off he pushes you down so hes on top. He kisses your neck down to your torso when he reaches the edge of your shirt he bites it pulling it off.He smiles and works he way back to your lips, kissing you he flicks your jeans open and pulls them down .

Now you are lying there with just your bra and underwear on you push Justin off of you and make him stand up you slowly pull down his sweatpants and of course hes not wearing any underwear so when they come of his erection jumps free. You gasp at his length and size jokingly he says "well what did you expect... i am Canadian he winks and you lick the underside of his length which immedaiatley makes him stop joking. His eyes darken with want and passion he holds your hair while you try and handle his length but its just to long for you in fit all of it in. But you refuse to not completely please him you completely remove his dick from your mouth and slam it down your throat. He moans with pleasure but he pulls you away.You look at him confused and he smiles and says "my turn beautiful."he lies you down slowly and kisses you his fingers run down to your panties. He smiles and says "Damn babe your soaked" you bite your lip and he runs his fingers over your panties. You moan at his pace he knows your craving friction and pressure so that's excataly what he gives you.

You cant stand not having him inside of you any longer. Justin cant tell by the look on your face that you need him and you need him now. He pulls you to the end of the bed and rips your panties off. He slowly works himself inside of you but he doesn't go all the way in knowing that his length to big for you to handle. But you dont care you crave him deeper and harder you move yourself so your hips are hitting his. He moans loudly and you scream. He pulls himself completely out of you teasing you at your entrance before slamming himself back into you. Your scream with pain and please he can tell your not far off " Just hold on a little longer baby i want to cum with you beautiful."

you nod and he speeds up slamming himself into you harder and faster. The sounds of your bodies slapping together fill the room."I cant hold on much....longer" You finally get out. Justin looks into your eyes as you cum together he smiles you lies down next to you. His hot sweaty body sticking to yours and his fingers twirling your hair.Your eyes close slowly and so does Justins.

You wake up before Justin the next morning and you put on his t-shirt and your panties. to go to get some breakfast. You turn to the cabinets and you all of a sudden hear a voice say "I'm guessing for the noises i heard that you and Justin had a pretty great night last night. Jumping, you turn around to see that fredo is sitting at the table eating cearal. "shit fredo you scared the fuck out of me" he laughs and says "well..? did you?" you giggle and reply with a smiple nod. You grab a bowl of grapes and return to justins room. Hes just waking up as you enter the room. "Morning babe." You say sitting next to him he leans over and kisses you "morning beautiful." You smile while feeding him a grape. "fredo heard us last night..." you tell him. Justin smiles he takes the grapes from you and places them on the table he pulls you close and says " can we have a cuddle day today?' You smile as you lie down next to him.

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