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"Oh come on Babe, he was only joking!" I slid the key into the lock on our door, twisting it open as Ryan grumbled behind me. "Justin sometimes jokes about things he really believes are true."

I push the door open and snicker as I float into our kitchen, Ryan close behind me. "He really thinks he can play the guitar better than you? I doubt that." I made a point to roll my eyes at him as I loosened the waist-tie on my jacket. Ryan scowled and threw his keys on the counter roughly. "He was using the guitar as a damn metaphor. He was talking about how well I could... How well we..."

I watched Ryan stutter and curse while running his fingers through his thick hair. I finished undoing my coat as I waited. He grew silent as he tried to spit out whatever secret he wasn't supposed to tell me.

They always have secrets, the boys. Of course then he met me, and I have a way of dragging the truth out of him that usually includes an arched eyebrow and the threat of no sex.

Ryan's eyes glanced over my body, "Justin thinks he could satisfy you more sexually." I froze mid-action as I was tugging off my coat and stared at the lean, hard body before me with its rough and talented fingers and mouth, as well as a set of skilled hips, and I began to laugh. I leaned forward, clutching at my stomach as I laughed harder. Ryan grinned, chuckling as he watched me.

I began to straighten as my laughter died and noticed his gaze had shifted to my chest, which had been on full display as I'd leaned over. He was still grinning, but his eyes had a wicked tilt to them.

I leaned back on the counter across from him, letting my jacket slide farther down my arms, exposing the skin underneath. He extended one long arm and yanked on the edge of the coat, sending it tumbling to the floor. "You should wear that dress more often." His voice was low and husky. I ran my fingers through my hair nonchalantly and let him look some more, "I thought you hated this dress. You even requested that I never wear it out again." It was a slim fitted lace number with a low cut front, and a short hem. Along my ribs and hip were small cut outs, where my skin was clearly visible among the lace. Ryan's eyes raked over that skin now, stopping at the top of my thighs, "Well it was hard to appreciate with Justin checking out your chest and ass every minute, along with hinting that he would love to get inside it and taste the skin underneath."

I shivered as a flash of Ryan and Justin, both naked and both skimming their fingers across my skin. I could feel the heat stir in my abdomen. I flicked my gaze to his eyes, making sure he was watching me before my eyes trailed down his body clothed in an expensive suit, lingering on my favorite part of him as it hardened for me. His hips shifted towards me, as if he felt me there, though we were far from touching. My eyes snapped back to his wicked ones and I arched an eyebrow. I slid my hands down my body to the hem of my dress and then back to my hips, causing the dress to hike farther up my leg. "Prove him wrong then." I challenged.

His mouth opened slightly as he stepped forward and extended his hand, grabbing onto the neckline with two fingers. With a gentle tug, he slid the material to the right, exposing one hardened tip. His finger traced down, brushing me there before slipping his hand under the lace to touch my feverish skin. My breath caught in my throat as I resisted the urge to squirm. He bent his head to skim his nose across my collar bone and up the side of my neck, placing a soft kiss behind my ear. My knees almost buckled. He chuckled darkly, fully aware he had targeted my sweet spot. His fingers traced up the outer side of my breast while still under the lace, "I knew you wouldn't wear a bra with this, and it aggravated me even more. All I could do the entire party was imagine peeling the damn thing off you."

I kept my hands propped on the counter, determined to hold out against his teasing, "Well what are you waiting for then?" He lifted his head so that his face was an inch from mine, his lips an inch from mine as they pulled into a devilish grin. His eyes were both heated and teasing as he leaned into me more. I parted my mouth slightly, expecting his lips to crash onto mine, but he stopped just short and chuckled again. "Did you really think I'd make it that easy?" I scowled at him, gripping the counter to brace myself as his fingers played me like a fiddle.

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