Oh Justin..

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You jump into the swimming pool, waiting for the boys,Scooter,Fredo,Jaden and Justin to come out of their hotel room and enjoy the water. As you float back to the top, you run your fingers through your soaking wet hair.Justin tosses his towel onto the beach chair, staring at you with his teeth digging into his lower lip. He leaps into the water as you swim over to the edge, wanting a sip of some beer left by the pool. You suddenly feel two hands grab a hold of your hip, overhearing Scooter and Fredo walk over. Suddenly you feel a pair of teeth dig into your left bum cheek, making you gasp sharply as your fingers dig into the concrete edge of the pool. Justin slips you under the water, pressing your back against the tiled pool with his lips on your collarbone. Bubbles release through your nose, making you float back to the top, choking on some water. '(Y/N) you okay babe?" Jaden asks you. 'Uh, yeah... I think,' you reply.Justin chuckles a bit as he swims off with a smirk on his face.

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