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Ello Loves

So I got News coming up...

Well first,For the people who were reading Is This Real?....I deleted so I can do my new upcoming book.Sorry 😁

Two:Who heard the a peek of Heartbreaker on Justin Bieber Instagram??OF. I HAD A HEARTATTACK I LOVE HIS VOICE.....OMF YOU GOTTA GO HEAR IT!IF YOU DONT HAVE A INSTAGRAM,DOWNLOAD IT,MAKE ONE AND FOLLOW @justinbieber and watch his Instagram videos and like his pics!

Three:My upcoming book is called Gay For Jason McCann.
It's gonna be my first Boy x Boy thing so I understand if it would suck or not but I never seen a Justin x Jason book or any other characters he has played so I'm doing Jason and Justin.
Its coming soon...K know I sounded like Justin for a moment but its coming sooner then you think...😏😁

But if you want request,You can inbox me,don't be scared!

I have almost 37k reads and few requests!
Come on request loves!Dot be shy,I won't bite

And oh yeah,If I get 40k and if somebody requests...Id write a Justin Love Story just for them...Just one person only.!!!
So if I get 40k and somebody comments between now and then,Id pick a reader ad write the book!


But seriously,You outta get on Instagram and listen to part of heartbreaker....

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