Dirty Bieber..

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I sat in my office, tapping my pencil gently against my desk. I heard my phone vibrate softly against the wooden desk, and picked it up immediately. It was a new text message from Justin.

"Look outside your window." it said, and I read it again. Justin was in London on a business trip, so this confused me. I rolled my chair around so I was facing the window, and then peered out. Justin was standing there with a big sign that read: "Meet me outside?" in big letters. I smiled wide at him, grabbed my purse, and then snuck out of my office.

I went into the elevator softly, trying not to be too distracting. When I stepped out of the doors, I ran over to Justin, wrapping my arms around him.

"Hey Princess, how have you been?" Justin asked me, placing a light kiss on my lips.

"I've been fine, babe, but why are you here?" I questioned, but not too much. I was happy to see him again.

"I couldn't stay another month without you. Have you missed me?" Justin smirked, biting his lip.

"No..Justin, not here. I'm at work, I still have two more hours left." I whispered softly, looking around.

"Don't worry, baby, I already called in for you. They said you were fine to leave." Justin smiled, which made me smile. Justin quickly switched moods, and looked down my body.

"I'm so jealous of all the guys that work here. They get to see you in a tight skirt every day..." Justin smirked, giving his bottom lip a quick lick. I missed him so much, a month was way too long to be away from him.

Justin leaned close to my ear, and then whispered into it, "You don't know how much I've missed the feeling of my hard cock in your tight pussy, baby..." he licked from my collar bone up, until he got to my ear. "Have you missed it too?" he asked, still in a whisper. I was trying not to admit to how much Justin was turning me on.

He pulled me close to him, so that our bodies were touching. I felt the excitement in his pants against my thigh. "Not here." was all I said, and he smirked. He had me exactly where he wanted me.

"My car...Now." he said, taking my hand in his gently, guiding me to his car. We climbed in, and then Justin smashed his lips against mine.

"Mm, I could fuck you right here, in my car...Would you like that, Bailey?" Justin asked seductively, pure desire in his eyes.

"W-What if someone sees?" I asked, looking intently at Justin. He was wearing a white tank top that clung perfectly to his body, showing every toned muscle. His hair was spiked up as usual, and his jeans were getting tighter and tighter every second.

"Hm..." Justin thought, and then started his car. We drove for about two minutes, to some deserted gas station. "My windows are the darkest tint, and we're in a deserted place." Justin smirked again, leaning over to me. I couldn't hold back anymore, I wanted him. Badly.

I threw him into the back seat, rolling on top of him.

"Mm...I missed you do much." Justin moaned as I grind my hips on him. His fingers found the buttons on my blouse, and he pulled them off harshly. Next went my bra. He unclasped it, throwing it somewhere in his car.

I ran my hands up his tank top, letting them move over his abs.

"Oh god, you don't know how sexually frustrated I've been this past month.." Justin groaned, obviously turned on.

"Me too.." I whispered, pulling his shirt off of him.

"Well then this is gonna be some wild sex." Justin chuckled lightly, then leaned his head up to kiss me.

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