16th Birthday..

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It was your 16th birthday and Justin wast at home with you so you woke up to a note beside you..

'Morning beautiful,its your 16th.Go shower and go to the closet'

You jump up happily and turned the water to what you like and let the water run down your body as you showered and went to your closet and saw black shorts,his black and white tank with black shades.
You put that on and put your hair in a messy bun.Your makeup was light which you added a cute sky blue bow.

You walk downstairs to see Scooter and Ryan in tanks and shorts and waiting for you.
"Are you ready?"Ryan said taking your hand and leading you to the hummer in the drive way.Scooter drove and you and Ryan went to get your nails done.
A little girl with long brown hair and bright blue eyes.
"Are you Mrs.Bieber?"She asked you.
She was so cute and you couldn't help but adore it.
"I'm no-"
"Yes she is."Ryan cut me off.
She handed me a beautiful White daisy.
"Thank you cutie."You kissed her cheek and she skipped off to a older woman behind us who also gave you a daisy.

After you painted your toes and nails a turquoise color and then you and Ryan rode to Pandora,a beautiful jewelry place and saw the prettiest necklace and the lady rung it up,You were gonna pay but she stopped you."Everything you buy is paid for"She said.
"I just want the necklace.Thanks"You said walking out.
Before you walked out,five cute guys were lined up with one single daisy and you took them all.
7 daisies.You wonder why?

Then Ryan took you out to the park and 5 girls ran to you with a single daisy and ran off.
12 daisies now.

Your day has been busy but you wanted to know what Justin was doing???
You then arrive at La Casa Bella,a fancy Mexican restaurant.
Where you were greeted with 3 daisies by 4 guys..

Impossible.3flowers,4 guys.
The last one had a note.

'Would you like to go with the moon so we can be out this world or to Mars?'

Then Bruno Mars came out singing Treasure til you felt hands cover your eyes and a hot breathe on your neck.
The hands are removed and Justin is standing behind you with a daisy.
"You did this all for me?"You ask him with excitement.
"Yes."He said handing you the rose and he whispers in your ear.
"16 daisies for the 16th birthday year old.I love you babe."

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