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Justine Bieber Concert (LONG Dirty Imagine)

You and your best friend were at a JB concert..

You approached the front door of the huge building shaking with excitement. You walked up to the two big security guards and gave them your tickets. They scanned them under a little light and handed them back to you. "Row 1, seats 5 and 6. Right in the middle." he said smiling. "Enjoy the show, ladies." With that he opened the door for you guys and you headed down a hallway towards a flight of stairs.

"I can't believe this is happening. I can't believe were here!" you squealed.

"I know!! It's like a dream come tr--" she stopped suddenly.

"What?" you asked, looking at her. You followed her eyes that were through the huge doorway you were standing in and gaped at the large arena you ended up at.

Wow... you thought to yourself. You could have stayed there standing all night, but you were ready to see Bieber.

"Let's go!" you yelled over the crowd, grabbing (Y/F/N)'s hand and running down the many flights of stairs toward the front row. You turned into it and found seats 5 and 6 and sat down, still freaking out.

"We're so close!!!!!!!" your friend said grabbing your arm.

"I know!!" you squealed back. You two say there for what seemed like forever, spazzing out every couple of seconds in excitement. Then suddenly you heard the beats to 'Boyfriend' and you stood up screaming with the rest of the crowd. Out came Justin from a lift from under the stage, his dancers behind him.

'If I was your boyfriend I'd never let you go'

He approached the front of the stage, singing to the crowd.

'I'd like to be, everything you want. Hey, girl, lemme talk to ya'

He bent down looking at the front row starting at one side, heading towards the other. When he got to you, he stopped. He continued singing, but just...stared at you. Your stomach flipped. You blushed hard and smiled at him. He smiled back then continued down your row, looking at you once more before singing to other girls next to you. He then went back to the middle of the stage and finished the song.

Throughout the concert he continuously looked over at you for several seconds.

Is he checking me out? No, he can't be...but what if he is?!

About an hour went by and you had become more and more persuaded that he was flirting with you. When he finished singing he went backstage for a break. You looked at your friend and you screamed together. You were so happy.

"This is so amazing!" she said.

All you did was smile big and hug her. You guys sat there for like 10 minutes before he came out and started singing again.

He came to the front again to touch everyone in the front rows' hands. When he got to you, he slipped something into your hand. You didn't let anyone see it, not even (Y/F/N). You turned a bit hiding it from others. It was a little note. You flipped out to yourself before opening and reading it.

you're beautiful. i'd like to get to know you ;) meet me in the room that says 3C on the door after the concert. x -justin

No. This can't be real. Oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god. You slipped the note into your back pocket while looking at Justin and winking. He bit his lip while smiling and it drove you crazy. You suddenly couldn't wait for the concert to end.

Luckily he sang a few more songs then the concert ended. Your friend was pretty upset but you couldn't be happier. Not that you didn't like hearing him sing, you just wanted to...get to know him better ;)

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