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It was yours & Justin's anniversary & you wanted to just stay home & watch a movie with Justin but Justin wanted to have sex. You were sitting on the couch & Justin walked up behind you & put his hands over your eyes. "Guess who" he says softly. "Uh, Justin" You said Laughing a little. "Yes" he said giggling a tiny bit. He comes round to the couch & sits next to you, puts his hands on your bare legs

& moves his hand up your leg. "Justin, stop" you say pushing his hand off your leg "come on, please" Justin said giving you that puppy dog face you couldn't say no to, but you didn't feel like having sex, so you firmly told him no. "NO Justin," I said scooting away from him. He scooted closer to me & smiles at me & winked. He took my hair & moved it away from my neck & started to kiss my neck gently, I wanted to say no.. but I couldn't resist him. I bite my lip as his warm tongue kissed my neck gently. "Your going to enjoy this baby girl" Justin said slowly removing my top, he throws it on the floor & take his hands & feels my chest... he takes my bra & unhooks it at the back.. he smiles at me & stares at my boobs, I could feel my heart beating.. but In a good way, he winked at me & started to suck on my boob, gently biting it. I moaned just a little & bit onto my bottom lip a tiny bit. He stopped, looked at me & winked.. he took his hands & started to unbutton my skirt, he slid it off.. he bite his lip & ripped off my panties.. he started to touch my vag gently feeling it.. he layed me down on the couch & lifted my legs up.. he bent down & started to lick my vag softly.. he swirled his tongue around, he started to lick faster with more speed, I gasped & bit onto my lip as it felt so good. I started to play with my boobs[; I closed my eyes & put my head back in pleasure.. he picked up his pace & licked me out like never before.. "OMG. JUSTIN" I moaned loudly at him.He bit my vag very gently wich made me gasp again. He stopped & looked at me.. He smiled, I then whispered to him "It's my turn" & winked., I got up & took his jeans off, I slowly slid off his boxers. I could see he had a boner[; I took his dick & felt the bigness of it. I bit my lip once again & bent my head down, I started to lick the tip of his dick "Uh" he moaned softly. I licked his dick up & down, swirling my tongue around it. I finally stuck it in my mouth.. I started to suck on it slowly.. gradually getting faster & faster.. by that time I had Justin moaning. "OH BABY" He shouted at me. He took my head & started moving it in time with me. I pushed his dick hard & fast out of my mouth, "Im about to cum" He said letting a little grunt out. "You do that baby" I said stopping.. he took his dick & shook the cum off every were. I had a little bit on my mouth. He winked at me & wiped it off with his thumb & stuck it in my mouth for me to lick off.. I licked all the cum off, he stood up off the couch & picked me up.. he carried me upstairs & put me down, we walked to the bedroom, I slammed the door shut & Justin sat down on the end of the bed, "come here sexy" he said winking at me.. I did what he said & sat down next to him.. I went to get ontop of him.. he stopped me. "Nuh uh baby we need a condom first"[; he said getting a condom of out the drawer.. I stopped him & smiled at him "we don't need that" I said getting on top of him as his hard dick went in my vag, "Oh-My-God" I moaned as it went in me.. "You like that baby" He said smiling at me.. I started to bounce up & down on him making the bed move against the wall. "baby go Faster" he moaned at me.. "anything for you" i winked & bounced up & down faster.. "OH JUSTIN, OH YES" I screamed at him, He grunted & moaned to. My eyes rolled back & I put my head back in pleasure.. "FUCK YEAH" I shouted, gripping onto his shoulders.. He stopped & got slower & slower.. we slowed down & Justin layed me on the bed, as he slowly slid his dick my wet vag. "Ohhhh" I said gasping as It went in me.. "Get ready baby" he said pushing his dick in me hard making me moan.. I took my hands & placed them on his sweaty back, I scratched his back gently with my finger nails. "OHH JUSTIN. OHH" I screamed at him.. Yes screamed[; He started thrusting his dick in me & going faster & harder. He started to kiss me passionately on the lips.. he stared deep into my eyes & I couldn't help but close them.. "Uhhh" Justin grunted, "JUSTIN" I screamed from the top of my voice.. My legs started shaking, My lips started to tremble & I started to sweat even more. He started to slow down a bit, biting my lip softly, He moved my hair away from my neck & kissed my neck, he started to bite on my boob,, putting my nipple in his mouth.. he started to suck on my nipple.. he started to fuck me again.. even harder & faster this time, i was starting to tremble even more, this feeling was just to good. I gripped onto the bed sheets & bit on my lip very hard leaning my head back on the pillow.. "Justin, Justin, Justin" I moaned to loud.. He pushed his dick in me hard one last time, he stopped took my nipple out of his mouth & looked at me, I opened my eyes & looked at him.. we started to kiss softly & gently.. I love you he said up against my lips.. I looked at him as he rolled off me. "& I love you, more than anything" I said resting my head on his pounding chest, he stroked my cheek & played with my hair. He put the blankets over us & we cuddled.. "Happppy anniversary" he whispered to me quietly.. I just smiled & closed my eyes[:

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