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You wake up to a beautiful day and the snow falling! You look beside you but you see Justin is gone. You get up, and walk to the bathroom. In there you see a bouquet of roses & a note. It's from Justin! It reads: "Good morning beautiful! Just got back in town and I need to see you! Follow these notes for a surprise<3" You look at the back of the note, it says: "Your first note is downstairs!" You toss that note and run down the stairs as fast as you can. You look on the kitchen table, and there's a stack of heart-shaped pancakes covered in maple syrup. You sit down and start to eat. You smile as you read the second note: "You like? I mixed a little of our favorite things for breakfast. Now finish up & get dressed babe!" You can barely eat cause you're so excited for the rest of the surprises! You run back upstairs to your closet and find a wrapped box. There's a note on top. You read it: "You gotta stay warm & be cute today! But I can't take all the credit, I had my mom pick it out.." You open up the box. Inside it there's .
You quickly get dressed and then Pattie texts you. "Hi honey! I hope you like everything and it all fits okay! Justin took forever to make today perfect! He wouldn't stop talking about you!" You text back: "Yes, thank you Pattie! Everything looks great! But could you help me with the last note?" She replies: "There's a car out front!" You say thank you and make your way outside. Justin got you a limo! The driver opens the back for you. You're so excited to see Justin! You look in the limo and all you see is a CD with a note on top. "It's almost time, I cant wait to see you. You smile and play the CD, there's only one track. "Fall" <3 You listen to the song and start to smile really big. At the end of the song it's Justin's voice. "I'm glad everything worked out. I thought this would fail miserably! I hate leaving you for so long, you won't be lonely anymore." You giggle, and your stomach is filled with butteflies, the cold of the air just seems to disappear. The driver pulls up, and you see Justin standing there with red roses in his winter coat. A smile just takes over your face and his face just brightens up immediately. He can't stop smiling even though he tries to keep it cool. You slide out of the car as fast as you can and run towards him and he runs back towards you, but he runs so fast he slips on the ice and falls straight on his butt.
You stop and you laugh SO hard! You continue towards him, and get on your knees to comfort him. "Aw, babe! You're such a dork! Are you okay?" He laughs and turns red. "Yeah, I'm okay. But on a scale of 1-10 how embarassing was that? It actually kinda hurt." You say: "I'd give it a 9, not graceful at all." He laughs, "Damn. Well if you kiss me it'll make it all better." He pulls your chin towards him with his glove covered hands and kisses you. You smile. You help him back up. And he holds you by the waist and you throw your arms around his neck and he kisses you on the cheek. He says, "I think I tripped on my shoelace" He goes down on his knee to re-tie it. You say, "Your shoelace.. Right." You aren't paying attention cause it's so beautiful out & you're just happy to be with him, but you look down & he's on his knee with a box. You think to yourself, OMG. There's no way... You look at him, "Justin...?" He sighs really deeply and you see his breath in the cold air. He looks deep into your eyes & says "Baby. I've never done this before. But you mean so much to me, and I can't imagine being without you again. And i love you so.." Your heart is racing. You can barely breathe. He continues.. "Will you please.. please.." He opens the box. "Go to the Leafs game with me?" In the box are two folded up tickets to see the Toronto Maple Leafs. You laugh "Don't do that to me! Gooosh!" He gets back up and defends himself, "Hey! Hey! I'm sorry but will you please go with me? I really wanna go with you." You smile and kiss him. He asks, "Is that a yes?" You look into his eyes and nod cutely.
You two run back to the car and he says, "Come on! We'll be late!" By the time you get there and all the girls FREAK out that you're there together. You keep your hands to yourself to avoid unnecessary attention. But Justin grabs your hand & pulls you towards him as you walk into the arena. You get your seats right by the ice & he puts his arm around you. He asks you if you want anything to eat, you say, "Surprise me!" Then he leaves. The people behind you have been taking pictures the whole time. Once he leaves, people start hounding you, they ask you if you're his girlfriend and what you're doing with him. You even get some nasty hate. The guys behind you say, "You must think you're the shit if you're here with Bieber. Newsflash: He's a faggot. He likes men." You turn around and face them. "Oh really? Well you know what they say, takes one to know one!" The guys shut up and you sit back down. Justin comes back, he got twizzlers, sour patch, and a soda. He puts a twizzler in his mouth, and says, "Want some?" You look at him, and think he's such a dork. But you bite the other end of it and start eating at it until you meet at the middle. You finish it, and you say "Smooth." ;) He sits back in his chair and puts his arm back around you and says, "Ehh, i try." The game is almost over and the kiss cam is on. They go to the cute older couples, then everyone in your section starts pointing at you two. The camera man sees Justin and you sitting together, and points the camera at you. You both tease the crowd & look at each other in disgust. You start mouthing, "No! He's my brother!" You both give up and start laughing, and he looks at you and gives you the sweetest kiss. He pulls away, and you wipe off your lips. Then he stands up, points at you, and claps. The crowd goes WILD. You both have to leave early before everyone starts attacking you. So you rush out of the arena to the limo and head back to his house.
He takes off his jacket & jumps into his bed while you get ready for bed. You take off all your makeup and get into your sweats. He sits on the bed seductively and says, "Come to daddy." ;) You roll your eyes then run to the bed, hop in, and say "Shh!" He kisses your forehead and wraps his arms around you. He looks into your eyes, "You know, even without makeup and fancy clothes. You're still THE most gorgeous girl I have ever laid eyes on. I hope you know that." You smile and he says, "And that smile is what keeps me going. It's the reason I miss home so much." You kiss him and cuddle closer to him. He keeps going, "I really have seen so many pretty faces in this world, wherever I go. But the prettiest of them all is yours baby." You are at a loss for words & you feel his heart racing as he musters up the courage to tell you all this. You sit up and look in his eyes. You stare at each other just because you love looking at those big brown eyes, and that perfect face of his. He opens his mouth and says.. "I'm in love with you." You smile and your heart fills with happiness. And any pain you've ever felt just melted away when those words came out of his mouth. You smile and reply, "Well, Justin Drew Bieber. It's safe to say that I'm completely, undeniably, madly in love with you too." You share the sweetest kiss you've ever felt, and you fall asleep in Justin's arms.

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