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Well I've seen other books have contest like this maybe you have or haven't...

I have been told my books are ADDICTING!!

*cough cough XENA & MONET*

But Umm...

I want you to request ideas.

For what you say?A mini fanfic in my imagines with Justin

So what I need is:




*Favorite JB Song


*Occasion(Wedding,Breakup,First date.)

Your fanfic will be short,more than five chapter though..

I will pick and I will show them to my judges(My Boyfriend & My Bess Frienn)

They will pick which one they like so


And I will message the winner for my fanfic!

Deal.?I think so.( :

And keep requesting


Read Watch Out Bieber by @tori_jade_bieber

She asked if I could share her book and I did so read her book please!

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