Cuddle Time

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You woke up from the sound of something hitting your window repeatedly. You flipped over and rubbed your eyes.
"Oh you're awake"
Justin said. A smile spread on your lips.
"Good morning"
You said and snuggled up to him. He put his arms around you and kissed your forehead.
"Is it raining?"
You asked sleepily.
"Yes, it's been pouring down all night."
You sighed.
"Why the sigh? This means we can stay in all day cuddling on the couch watching movies, and eating."
You could hear the smile in his voice when he said it. It actually sounded really good.
"True, do you wanna get up and eat breakfast?"
You said as you were tracing patterns on his chest with your hand.
"Let's just stay here a few more minutes"
You both laid there wrapped up in each other, you were about to fall back asleep when there was a loud bang. Thunder, great.
"We might have to get up and eat in case the power goes off."
You said and sat up. He traced your spine with his fingertips and it made you shiver.
"I know something I can eat even when the power's off."
He said and winked. You rolled your eyes and giggled.
"You pervert."
You said and threw a pillow at his face.
"What? I know you like it."
You blushed as you threw you legs over the edge of the bed and stood up.
"As a matter of fact I happen to like it a lot, but that's not the point."
You turned around and you looked at each other for what felt like eternity, when it in reality probably was just a second. He started laughing which made you laugh too.
"Now get up Justin"
"Okay baby"
You rolled your eyes and smiled.
"I have a name you know?"
He stood up and put his pants on.
"I know Y/n, and I love your name. It fits you perfectly, but I like to call you baby"
He said before he walked over to your side and have you a quick kiss, leaving you wanting more. He left the room and walked towards the kitchen. You took one of his shirts and put it on. It was a little bit big for you so it ended right under your bum. You put your hair up in a messy bun and walked to the kitchen.
"I swear I've seen that shirt before"
He said and pointed at the shirt.
"It's because it's yours silly."
He smiled.
And walked up to you wrapping his arms around you, just standing there for a while. Neither of you said a word, you just stood there hugging. Holding each other. His hand left the small of your back and went to the back of your head. He tangled his fingers in your hair.
"I love you Y/N"
He half whispered in your ear. You got a warm feeling in your stomach and a smile spread on your lips.
"I love you too Justin"
You pulled away from the hug and looked into each others eyes. You were leaning in for a kiss when there was another loud bang from the thunder. You jumped a little and then started giggling.
"Wow, that's embarrassing"
You said and hid your face in your hands. Justin took your hands in his and kissed your nose.
"Now let's eat"
When you were done eating you went to the couch and put on a DVD. You cuddled up together and fell asleep in each others arms with the sound of the tv in the background and rain hitting the window.

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