I Missed You Y/n...

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Justin and you had just broken up after one year in a relationship. You broke up the day before your anniversary, because you saw him kissing someone else. You were very upset and ate loads of icecream, bought unnecessary stuff and were angry all the time. You never spoke to anyone. In school, you sat quiet and spotted Justin laughing with his friends.

"He moved on. He is over me. " you thought.

You decided to show him that you were over him too and you don't need him anymore by going to the annual school dance with some other guy. You go and ask Matt to be your date. He had a crush on you since forever and Justin hated him. On the day of the dance, Matt picks you up and takes you to the dance. You are dresses in matching outfits and when you reach the dance, everyone says you look cute together. You spot Justin with his friends in a corner. He had a sullen look on his face. You go close to your date, making Justin jealous. He didn't have a date. All the couples start dancing and you start dancing with your date. He holds your waist and pulls you close.

You don't like him being so close but you decide to let him just to make Justin jealous. Justin watches you, with a glass of soda in his hands, cold and hard. His face is sulky and red with anger. Your date pulls you closer. You see Justin's hand tighten around the glass and suddenly, the glass breaks. A little bit of glass cuts Justin and blood drips from his hand. You are worried and try to go to him but your date buries his head in your neck, pulling you closer. You give your date a disgusted look but he wont stop. Just then, you see someone pulling you. Justin. He pulls you out of Matt's arms. Then he practically drags you out and takes you into a deserted room. He heavily pushes you against the door and looks at you dead in the eyes.

"What the hell are you trying to do?" He sounds mad and really frustrated.

"I want her, dammit." He says and clutches your arms tight. So tight, it hurts. "Let go Justin. My arms hurt." You tell him.

Justin grips even tighter and tears well in your eyes with pain. Tears spill and fall on your cheeks. Justin sees you crying and loosens his grip. His eyes soften and he sighs.

He says: " I am sorry Y/n .I am so sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you."

You sob and he hugs you.

You look at Justin and tell him "We broke up. Whats the problem? I can dance and date anyone I want."

"No. You can't. I-I miss you. I love you. And you know that. Don't be like that. I am sorry for what I did. "

"I love you too, Justin. And I missed you so much more."

Justin smiles at you , pulls you close and kisses you deeply. After a few minutes, he pulls away and says

"I don't want anyone to touch you. I don't want to see anyone else's hands on your waist. I don't want you to hold someone else's hand. I love you and I want you to love me back. When you even look at some other guy, it kills me. Don't do that again. Never."

You blush and smile "Ok, I am sorry. But you know I love you. No one else."

He kisses you deeply again.

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