For @Biebers_World(:

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This is your second one!Lucky you I had nothing to do!it might be short or not but I hope you like.

There's a shocker at the end!


You and your boyfriend Justin have been dating for 2 years now and he hid a secret!


"YES!?!"Justin screamed back.

"I'm bored"You told Justin while he came from the kitchen with two boxes of pizza.

"What you wanna do?"He asked.

You thought about while eating some pizza.

The hot cheese oozed on your cheese and Justin licked it off your face.

"Hey!I was saving that for later ya know?"You joked around with him.

He smiled and you two broke into a passionate kiss.

"We can play questions?"I said to Justin.

He nodded his was yes and you started off.

"What is your biggest secret?"I said.

Justin froze and walked away.

Justin POV

I can't tell (@Biebers_World) about my secret.

She ran upstairs to the room.

"Babe,why did you leave?"She said.

" I never told any body my secret.I said.

"You can't trust me"She said.

"Promise not to leave me,even under the circumstances"I said

"I promise"She said

I took a deep breath.

"I'm Gay"


Dun dun dunnnnnnn!

I'd still support Justin if he was gay!(:

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-Mother Mofo💋🎀

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