Friends With Bieber(:

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Your sitting in your room checking your phone every two seconds wondering why hes not replying. Your boyfriend hasn't texted you back in 3 days so you decide to call your best friend Justin."hey whats up" Justin answers sleepily. You look over at the clock and realize that is 2:47 in the morning "Oh damn Justin i'm sorry i didn't realize what time it was." "Well if your calling me at almost 3 in the morning its most likely important so whats wrong?" You answer hesitantly knowing that Justin doesn't like your boyfriend "Well Bryce still hasn't answered me and i'm getting worri.." "Justin are you there?" You figure he fell back asleep so you hang up the phone and giggle.But then there's a knock at your window you look up and its Justin. "Justin what are you doing here" you say as you open the window letting him in."What did he do to you" Justin said pissed off and filled with rage "Nothing Justin he just wont talk to me and I feel like hes cheating on me." He grabs your hand and pulls you out on to you balcony and helps you down.

"Where are we going?" Justin brings you down the street to the park not talking the whole way there. "This is why Bryce hasn't been talking to you" "what are you talki..." Justin points over to the fountain where you see Bryce kissing another girl.You can't believe your eyes, Justin pulls you close and hugs you and tells you that hes not worth crying for."come on sweetie lets go" holding his hand you walk to his house. You notice his mom isn't there "Are you sure that its okay i'm here when your mom isn't?" "I doubt it" He laughs and brings you inside.Justin Walks you upstairs to his room."Look you deserve so much better than him and I think there is something you need to know."

But before Justin can say anything you say "I just wish I could find a guy that cares about me and treats me like i'm his princess and he wa.." "I'm in love with you" Justin says while touching your hand lightly. You look up at his soft brown eyes starring back at you."...I love you too." Justin pulls you in close for a deep kiss. With his arms around you you feel safe and happy.

"I've wanted to do that for such a long time." Justin whispers. You laugh and kiss him again.He pulls you on top of him not removing his lips from yours. He runs his hand up your T-shirt collapsing your bra.You sit him up and pull his shirt off. You grind yourself on him and you feel him harden through his pants and you notice hes not wearing any underwear. Slowly you tease him by makeing little circles with your fingers on his hard dick through his pants. You slowly pull down the pants and tease him more by barely licking the shaft of his dick. Leaving him moaning and begging for more. He pulls your shorts down and stands up. Picking you up and slamming into you, You scream and moan at his size. You yell his name and you see him smile out of the corner of your eye you run your fingers over his erect nipples and he jokingly says,

"babe stop your gonna cut me off" ;) He feels you tighten knowing that your not far off so he slowly lays you down on the bed. Justin roughly kisses your neck and leaves a trail of kisses down your body. "Can we cum together?" You ask seductively. "only if you look in my eyes while we do.." justin winks at you "fair enough" You feel him slam into you and you and justins moans fill the room. After he gets dressed you ask Justin if you can borrow one of his shirts because he got stains on yours. He laughs and you hear a car door."Shit my moms home." you get dressed and sit on justins bed Pattie comes upstairs and greets you "uh... why are you wearing Justins shirt..?" Justin looks down and smiles. Pattie laughs and jokes with justin " She finally said yes?!'"

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