For LachinaGoad

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It was beautiful night, the full moon shone down on Justin and you as he held your hand and led you through the park. You didn't know what was in store for you, he had just called you saying to wear something nice and come meet him here. He wrapped his arm around you protectively as you shivered slightly. You came upon a little lake, the water rippled in the soft wind, making it seem like black fabric being ruffled by delicate hands. You thought you were just going to sit here and that would have been fine with you, anything would have been fine as long as you were with Justin, but he kept walking across a little wooden bridge into a patch of trees that overlooked the lake.Justin had made something beautiful among the trees. Strung up on every trunk were little flashing lights, lanterns hung on branches and bouquets of roses were placed everywhere. There was a blanket on the ground with tons of pillows and comforters. A picnic was laid out beside it, it was a beautiful dinner laid out with all your favorite food and a beautiful cake. He had a tape player which was playing every romantic song you could get your hands on. Everywhere you looked there were more gifts, a giant teddy bear with I love you written on it's stomach by the roots of a big tree, a locket in the shape of a heart with pictures of the two of you inside hung on a branch,there was a tree that was full of boxes of chocolates. Everything was perfect. "I wanted this to be special (Y/N), you are the most amazing girl I have ever met. No one has ever made me as happy as you make me. I wanted to show you how much you mean to me, I wanted to make this night as perfect as you are." You couldn't stop smiling, this was the sweetest thing anyone had ever done for you. "I love you so much Justin, this is amazing." Suddenly Justin stood up and started singing At Last by Etta James to you. It was beautiful, his voice was perfect and the song was so meaningful. After he sang the last note he looked right into your eyes, "I love you" he said. You spent the rest of the night cuddled in each others arms just enjoying the presence of one another. It was the most magical night you have ever had with anyone.

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