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So I realized I missed doing imagines too so I'm just gonna I'm still doing the fanfic but I'm doing imagines too...

But I wanna be the friend/sister you don't have..Im gonna make a kik and Ima make it just for my readers!

So I can get to talk and see and deal with anything they have problems with..

Sounds okay.!(:

So Request!!






So somebody on twitter followed me..the name said Justin Bieber..I check..it's not him..

I had a heart attack..

But I'm gonna start doing this now:

I want at least more than 5 comments for this question..


Question Of The Day:

•If You Didn't Have tickets To A Believe Concert and you ran into Justin with Fredo...What would be your reaction.?

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You Beliebers are fucking sexy and awesome and You deserve to be OLLG ONE DAY!


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