Love & War♥ Part ❷

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Love & War♥ Part ❷


Justin sat there all sad and pouty but you were furious.!He fucks Selena while you two are married and have kids.

"We should take a break.."You said to him sobbing your salty tears ad he tries to hug you but you feel a wet liquid drip your leg.

"Justin,its coming"You said panting and trying not to panic.

He picked you up and put you in the car and drove straight to the hospital.You go in the ER but you realized your not alone.Selena's trashy slutty self is there to give birth too.

She was the last thing you wanted to see.

"You want your husband with you.?"The doctor said to Selena.Since you two were giving birth,you two had to be in the same room.


"This is my sister."Selena said taking your hand and holding it tight.You looked at her and she didn't look so good.She looked tired and stressed and very pale.You nodded your head just to help her.The two cute doctors helped you out and they told you two to push.You two squeezed each other hand but it didn't matter cause y'all wanted the baby out of your bellies.

Your babies were out.Selena had a boy but she delivered a hour before you and you had a baby girl but it got challenging when you had to get the father's signature.You had to get Justin's first because y'all were married but it was weird for the doctor to ask Selena for his too since he thinks y'all are sisters.

You sat down in a wheelchair and Selena wheeled beside you.

"Your not a bad person you know."She said."What you mean.?"You ask her.

"Justin says how cranky you are and now you helped me through this pregnancy with Brandon here"She said holding her baby boy.You don't know what was wrong with you but you start to be nice to Selena and you hold Brandon and She holds Taylor.You kiss Brandon's forehead and handed him back to Selena.

"We should hang out sometime"She said.

"What about Justin though?"You say.She shrugged her shoulders.

"Forget him.Divorce the cheater.I won't talk to him.We can talk to other cute guys"She said winking at you making you laugh.

You agreed and Justin came out and sat down on the couch with a bad look on his face.

"I think we should break up & I think we should divorce"


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