For Tierra

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So sorry for the late request,I didn't check my comments but dunces its the Fourth of July...well just read ( :


You gathered the friends and called Justin and your friends and family and Scooter and Usher and every body else in the Bieber family.

Your dad grilled.Your mom told stories an everybody had a good time.

Justin sat you in his lap.

"This is great babe."He said whispering making you cover with chill and get wet.

Justin started laughing his sexy deep laugh and told you to go upstairs with him cause he had a surprise.

He took you into the bedroom.

-Past The Sex Scene(Sorry freakys)-

Then you two went downstairs and ate your dad's famous ribs and beans which were the fucking bomb.

"FIREWORKSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!"Fredo said grabbing the fireworks and lighter.

You and Justin grabbed a blanket and laid on it and watched the fireworks.

"This is beautiful babe"You said kissing his cheek.

"Not as beautiful as you babe"He said smiling.

He was perfect.That hair is sexy no matter what.His pretty brown eyes.His body.

His wonderful tattoos and don't forget Jerry right?

You kissed him and he smiled in the kiss.

This was the best Fourth of July ever.


Sorry if it sucked or short but its 1:35 am!

Your lucky I saw it and stayed up just for you.

Readers just know that if you request or comment and I don't see it..I won't forget to look so I will make your request possible..but if I forget then inbox me or follow me on twitter and message me..


Happy Fourth of July🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


Cameren here!Morgan let me say some words on here and She approves of what I'm about to say:

You girls out there reading this,

Your beautiful without makeup,fancy clothes,high heels,or a guy.

You being yourself can be the most beautiful thing you can show.

If your weird,show it.There's a guy just like you.

I love Morgan because she stands out and she doesn't wear makeup.

She can wear sweats and have her hair in a messy bun but she still looks beautiful.

If nobody has told you that "You're beautiful" or "I love you Y/n"

I will say it right here!

Y/n,You are beautiful and I love you!

( Dont tell Morgan....C: )

But really,Dont listen to stupid people..

Listen to the guy that wants you.

Not the player,jock,slut,whore, not for you..

I don't care if your Bi,Lesbian,For guys,Gay or Trans..I love you all and I actually have 3 gay cousins and they are awesome an they love Morgan because she is crazy ad ready for anything.

So remember,I love you and you are all Angels!

Here's my favorite quote:

"Did you know your a Angel who forgot how to fly?"(:

Familiar with it,I bet you are...(:

Remember your beautiful In and Out.

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