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Remember this is rated R so I'm not responsible for what u read!! have fun ;)

Okay you won a free trip to Atlanta to meet Justin Bieber! You're STOKED!

*at the airport*

Your Mom-"Honey, please be careful! You-"Mom I'm 17, I'll be just fine." Your Mom-"Okay. I love u. have a safe flight!" You-"love u too!"

You get on the plane & finally, u arrive in ATL!!!

U get out, wearing short white jean shorts, a low cut tank top, & flip flops. OMB..U see Justin fucking Bieber standing there, waiting for YOU!

You get nervous. Justin-"Hey lucky winner" he smiles huge at u. You-"ohmygosh hi Justin!" Justin-"Well lets get started, shall we?" he winks. You-"sounds great! where are we going?" Justin-"Oh, your gonna love it" he grins.

You arrive at his hotel, & u guys walk up to his room. Justin-"make yourself at home shawty ;)" You sit on his 3 million dollar couch nervously. Justin-"So.. ever been to Atlanta?" You-"uhh, no. Never been out of my hometown." You & Justin are staring at eachother intensely. His brown eyes are so amazing......he leans in & starts kissing u. His lips are so soft..he grabs ur thigh & rubs it slowly. U moan a little.. He pulls away & strips off ur tank top. He looks down at ur bra, showing so much cleavage. U look down at his pants & he has a boner. I put my hand on it.. "shatyy ;)" he moans quietly.. U start rubbing it as he removes ur shorts. U gently slide off his skinny jeans, revealing his boner under his boxers. U start kissing the bulgde, he loves it. He unhooks ur bra & immediatly grabs my boobs. he sticks his tongue on them & lightly licks the nipple. "Mmm Justin" u moan, satisfied. you pull down his boxers, & his bieberdick springs out, its huge! U start rubbing it faster, & faster, he tilts his head back in pleasure. "God baby, suck me already, quit teasing me" he groaned hornily. I stuck the head of his dick in my mouth & started sucking it slowly. "Ohhh yeahh, right there baby, suck Biebers dick" u stick the whole thing in ur mouth & give him an amazing blow job. As his dick is still in ur mouth, he slides ur panties off, & starts rubbing ur pussy. U moan cuz it feels so damn good. "Call me daddy!" he moans as he pulls your hair. "Ohh god daddy finger me!" "louder bitch!" he yells very hornily. "FINGER ME DADDY!" he sticks 2 fingers inside u, sliding them in & out slowly, getting faster. He pushes ur head on his dick, making u gag. but u loved it so much. he was taking over, & it was sexy. "lay down!" he pushes u down & gets on top of u. He grabs his dick & plunges inside ur vag. "ohh Justin!" he goes in & out, & it feels so good. "harder justin harder!" he gets so turned on by ur screaming. he starts going harder & faster in ur pussy. Your both breathing really heavy. "Jussstiiin im about to cumm!" he pulls his dick out & goes down to ur pussy. u feel ur cum coming out, & as it does, he licks it all up. u moan in pleasure at Justins big tongue on ur vag. He sticks his tongue deep inside u. "mmm Justin!" you are both loving this. "come here" Justin moans while rubbing his dick. U go down by his dick as his cum escapes. u lick every bit of it up. it tastes so good. "ohh yeah, lick my bieber juice ;)"

You both lay back & cuddle on the couch, still outta breath from that Bieber sexx ;)

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