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Best Friends.

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You and Justin were best friends and you were really close with him.

You met a old friend,Sam and he askes you out since he was your crush for a long time and you two go on a date.

"Justin,Come to my place and help me pick a dress for Sam,please?"You said in the phone.

He groaned cause he doesn't like Sam for some reason.

"Fine."He said hanging up.

He comes over in ten minutes and you out on a high low which is White up top and pink on the bottom.

"What about this?"You said to Justin.

He was staring at his phone and then you grabbed it til he finished helping you.

He dropped his head and sighed and you decided a different high low dress which was red up top and white on the bottom with a sweetheart front with a black bow in the back.

You just left while Justin sat there being a bum.He's been down since I've been dating Sam...Oh well..


You run upstairs and start crying.

Sam had a girlfriend while talking to you and brought her on the date with you two.

You couldn't believe him!

You called Justin and he came over with chocolate and a single rose.

"Justy,You are my fuck!ng best friend."

He smiled and you two watched a movie


Then you met a old crush from 8th grade and he's a tumblr boy now!

He talked to you and you caught up and he asked you and you agreed.

That night,you looked cute.

You had alot of high low dresses and you pulled out a blue/purple one with a galaxy print bow.

Justin didn't gone cause he was "busy"


Your date was great...Even the sex...Yeah you know no sex on first days but he is a tumblr boy and a used to be porn star.

His huge dick was perfect got your pussy.


Then one night,Justin comes to your house,comes upstairs where your at and he locks your bedroom door.

"Justy,What you do-"?Getting cut off by Justin smashing his lips on yours.

You deepened the kiss but thought about your bf.

"I cant."You said walking away.

"Y/n,Ive been in love with you.Sam and your guy now aren't for you...I am...babe be mine?"He said with puppy dog eyes.

You agrees and called off the date and Justin and you go upstairs...


Notice anything Xena,See we are besties and this title means alot to me.


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