Haunted Houses

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“Let’s go in here!” Justin said pointing to an abandoned house. “This isn’t the haunted house we are suppose to go to. ” You said. “Come on let’s go find a witch in here or some goblins,” Justin said laughing tickling me in the direction of the house.

“Stop Justin!! Stop!” You yelled. “What?” He asked.

“You know I get scared easily!” You said in a sad voice. “Ill hold your hand” He says kissing you on the cheek. You both step closer and closer to the house as you hear a noise in a tree. An owl flies right in front of you and you scream with terror.”I can’t do this,” You say walking away.Justin grabs you and hugs you. “It’s okay i’m going to protect you.” He said moving her toward the haunted house. Justin pushes the door open. You both step in and look around. It’s dusty damp and cold in the abandoned house. You both walk up the rickety stairs and into the upstairs hall. You walk forward and turn around to see Justin wasn’t behind you anymore. You turn in multiple circles calling out Justin’s name. He is nowhere to be found. You hear something laugh in the other room and you run into it. “Look Justin Bieber you better come out this instant this isn’t funny!” You shout. Suddenly Justin darts from behind the couch and tackles you to the ground. You scream not realizing its him and he kisses you. “I’m sorry i scared you love! Come on lets go home and watch a movie.”Justin suggest. He pulls you up and wipes a tear from your eye. “Your so brave darling, I love you.” He says hugging you.

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