Contest Still Goes On

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I've picked my OLLG,@HayleeSeguin,and two votes for the Wedding fanfic...

I need more requests or the wedding is a fanfic and the BreakUp will be a requested imagine..


My OLLG iS Haylee


2 Votes For The Wedding

1 Vote For The BreakUp

Well keep reading,requesting,voting!

You guys are the best

But I have bad news...Cam and I broke up..

But don't go awee or start fake crying because I'm fine with it and I won't be none of those writers who have a breakup and dont update for like weeks or months I'm still updating for my readers!

Like My Best Friend said...Not Xena...

"You Never Give Up.Just remember.

"Chicks Before Dicks"

Remember that

Chicks Before Dicks but you know us Beliebers are all about Justin so forget that rule.!

But please do read and vote and comment..!

It would mean alot to me!

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