Playing Some Bruno Mars

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"HEY Y/N?"
Justin yelled from the livingroom.
"Yeahh babe?"
You said walking in and sitting next to him.
"There's a flashmob just down the street, do you wanna go watch it with me?"
"Sure, let's go"
You put on your shoes and left. It was in the middle of the summer so you didn't need a jacket.
"What song are they playing, is it a mash up?"
You asked while you were walking hand in hand. He smiled at you.
"I think they're playing some Bruno Mars."
You smiled at him and he kissed your head. You walked for a little while and when you finally got there they'd already begun. You stood almost right infront of them when Justin let go of your hand and walked towards the dancing people.
"Justin what are you doing? Don't interrupt their dan-"
You stoped talking when you saw that Justin started dancing with them. You just stood there, eyes wide, mouth open. A little smile creeping up on your face. The song changed from 'Grenade' to 'Just The Way You Are' to 'Marry You'. Your eyes started watering.
Was this really happening?
You thought. Justin started walking towards you, when he was right in front of you he put his hand in his pocket and pulled out a box.
It's really happening.
A tear fell from your eye, slowly falling on you cheek ending at the corner of your mouth. He went down on one knee and looked up at you. The music faded so you could hear what he was about to say.
"Y/n, I knew since the moment I bumped into you at the store that you would have a big part in my life. You're everything I could dream of and more. I'm so lucky to have you in my life and for every day we spend together you somehow make me fall even more in love with you. We have our up's and down's but it's all worth it in the end, because I get to lay down next to you when I go to sleep. I don't want to live a single day without knowing that you're mine."
He opened the box.
"Will you do me the honour of being my wife?"
You were shaking and tears were streaming down your face. You were so happy, he's everything you could ever dream of.
"Yes, yes, yes of course Justin!"
He stood up and you jumped into his arms. He pulled away and put the ring on your finger, it was beautiful. It was just the perfect size and it didn't look too fancy. It was the perfect proposal. You looked up at him and smiled, he smiled back at you.
"I love you"
You whispered before leaning in to kiss him.
"I love you too"
He said and closed the gap between your lips.






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